How to View Private Instagram Profiles 2021

Instagram is undeniably the most popular platform for sharing photos and videos with a massive audience. You can create eye-catching stories and tag your best friends, family members, or recent Instagram followers to get maximum exposure. While Instagram encouraged social sharing, the platform also does not limit its users from owning private accounts.

view private instagram profile

Due to privacy norms, Instagram offers two different kinds of accounts. One is for public use and the other for personal use.

When you create an account, your pictures and videos are set to the public. In other words, everyone can view your post, content and follow you in public. Also, this type of accounts makes it very easy for users to find people on Instagram using phone numbers and usernames.

Whereas, in private accounts, there are few restrictions, this type of account’s photos and videos can only be viewed if the person approves the following request.

In other words, it will hide your activity on Instagram from the public view. However, there are few ways to find phone number of private Instagram account.

It’s like you have a crush on some girl or found a new face that you can’t forget and want to stalk her on Instagram, but she kept her account private.

Now the question is, what if you want to view private Instagram profile without following a person? or you might want to view followers of a private Instagram account.

To your surprise, there is a free tool available named Private Instagram Viewer by iStaunch, that will help you view private accounts without following.

If you want to view a private Instagram account for free then you will love this Private Instagram Viewer by iStaunch tool.

In fact,

Here you can also find different ways to view photos, videos, reels, stories, and highlights of a private Instagram account without human verification and survey.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles

1. Private Instagram Viewer

Open the Private Instagram Viewer by iStaunch. Enter the Instagram username in the given box and tap on the view button. Next, you will see photos and videos of private Instagram profiles without following the account and human verification.

2. Send Follow Request

The most effective and legitimate way to view a private Instagram profile is simply to hit that blue Follow button and wait for the person to approve your request. That doesn’t matter if they know you or not.

view private instagram profile

After sending the request, be patient, and give them some time to act on your request. If you are lucky enough, your follow request is accepted in no time, even if they don’t know you.

If their friend or someone they already know you, it increases your request’s chance of being approved. Once your follow request is approved, you can easily view Instagram profile picture in full size and posts such as photos, videos, and reels.

You can also send a direct message to private Instagram account and express your inner feelings or why you are interested in following them. Ensure your profile is genuine and your private message is impressive so that the person finds no way to reject your request.

view private instagram profile

If you can catch their attention through a direct message, encourage them to check out your profile because personal interaction works in favor.

We know that this trick works rarely, but it does and this can get you through to a private profile without bothering much about the steps and trying other complicated tricks to do so. Above all, this is what Instagram wants its users to do, where they need to follow a particular profile to get access to it.

3. Create Fake Instagram Account

If sending follow requests and direct messages don’t work for you, then don’t worry. You can create fake Instagram account, however, this method is unethical and against the platform’s terms, so try this method at your own risk.

view private instagram profile

Tips for Creating a Fake Account:

  • Try to create an account with a girl’s name as it has a higher chance of getting approved. (According to the research, 60% of fake social media accounts have girl’s names as people will respond fast to such accounts ).
  • Also select the eye caching Instagram username to grab the attention. In case if your desired username is not available then you can easily claim Inactive instagram username.
  • Upload real girl photos that display women’s interests (not an actress).
  • Make your profile interesting as much as possible by uploading at least 8-10 photos.
  • To generate curiosity for your target, you can also set your account to private.
  • Once you are done with all essential settings, drop a follower request to the person you wish to see.
  • If your request is not approved, then send a direct message and explain to them your intention.

4. Check Person Profile with the Help of Google

Now, if you have waited for a considerable long time but still find no response from the other person’s end regarding the following request you have sent, you need to try looking them out on Google.

view private instagram profile

For this, you need to simply head to any of your browsers, Chrome or Safari, and then type in the person’s name with the private account on Instagram into the search bar.

When Instagram users make their profiles private, they leave copies of their posts in Google, which thus helps Google to store a library of their old posts. These are posts that the user made before the account turned private.

After you load the search page, you would be getting your search results there in terms of “All,” “Images,” “News,” and “Videos.” Here, you need to simply go to the image tab. After you click on the same you would be getting access to a fairly large collection of that person’s public posts and profile pictures. Here, if you are looking forward to getting a photo of the person and putting it in the picture frame for a surprise birthday wish, you can easily proceed with this step and Google will save you all the hassles.

5. Search on Other Social Media Platforms

If the person whose profile you want to infiltrate has made the profile private, then know that Instagram is not the be-all and end-all of things today because we have got a whole number of different social media platforms operating today.

Therefore, if a particular user’s profile has been made private, then you can simply turn to the other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest and check the same person on all of them.

You will surely get them on any other social media platforms if you get the profile private on Instagram. Checking their Instagram bio can help you know their full name, which you can use in your search.

Checking with other social media platforms will help you derive all the photos and information that you want of the person.

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6. Check Private Profile with the Help of a Friend

Don’t worry if a particular person has made the profile private on Instagram and you want to access the same from your profile but you cannot do so because you may be having dozens of friends who know that person, right?

If it is yes, then you don’t have to wait any longer because these mutual followers would definitely lead you to the other person.

All you need to do is to ask your friend whether he/she can check out the account that is private to you and then save and forward the person’s posts to you. This way you can monitor every action and all the details that you want.

Now, in case you aren’t aware of the fact that which of your friends are also familiar with that person you are trying to look up on Instagram, then you can opt for many ways to do so including asking them via Whatsapp statuses.

There are many other tricks to view private accounts on Instagram and most of the other ones are associated with the usage of third-party apps to do so.

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7. Private Instagram Profile Viewer

There is a number of free Instagram Private Profile Viewer tools available on the internet. Here you can find the best tool that allows you to view the private profiles without a survey.

A. Likecreeper

Likecreeper is a leading web-based tool that allows people to view private Instagram profiles without signing into your account. You can easily browse photos and videos of private accounts anonymously on your Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac devices. It also helps you to see who viewed your Instagram profile.

view private instagram profile

B. IGMods

Looking for third-party apps can land you to This is in fact one of the best third-party apps that promises you to view private Instagram accounts without any major efforts. Yes, you can simply follow these easy-to-use steps to use IGmods effectively and check out all the private Instagram profiles.

So, let’s jump into them right now!

  • You need to start with launching the Instagram app.
  • Then, you need to open “Settings” and go to the “General” option.
  • You will find another option that says “Background App Refresh”. Here, you should verify whether it is ON because it should be so.
  • Next, you need to scroll down to the “Battery” section and then turn off the low power mode.
  • Then, you need to check the App Store and toggle the option of automatic downloads to ON.
  • Now visit IGmods website.
  • Here you will get a list of options from where you need to click on the option, “VIEW PRIVATE ACCOUNT”.
  • You’ll now see a box that is called “Target Instagram Username”. Here, you need to type in the username of the account that you are planning to view into this box.
  • Next, you need to choose “Connect” and give some time to the system to respond.
  • Here, you will receive a message that will ask you to confirm the account. With the help of this option, you can verify with the username that you’ve entered in the earlier step. After you are sure of it then you can go ahead and click “Confirm.”
  • Now, you will get a progress bar opened in front of you, therefore, you need to wait for a few seconds. It will take some time to load the posts of the person and this time will depend on the number of posts he/she has posted in total from the Instagram account.
  • Lastly, you’ll get a message that will inform you that the private data of the person has been unlocked.

After completing this process you can go back to Instagram and then check for the same username. You would definitely be able to see everything on the other person’s account this way.

Final Words:

We hope we have answered everything you wanted and now you can access the private Instagram profile that you couldn’t do all these times. We simply love to be helpful! If you have any questions, then let me know in the comment section below.

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