How to View Followers of Private Instagram Account [Updated 2021]

As much as social media has become popular in today’s modern age, privacy has become a growing concern. People are now more concerned about keeping their stuff private so that no one can view and access their social accounts. If you are already using social media, you know how Instagram, Facebook, and almost every social site have some privacy features that allow you to keep your profile visible to only those you know.

view followers of private instagram account

In recent times, Instagram has become a popular social media platform for sharing photos and videos with your friends, family, and colleagues. When you access your Instagram feed, you will see the latest updates from the profiles that you follow.

Have you ever wanted to know who your favorite person is following on Instagram? or Wanted to see followers of private Instagram profiles without following them?

Well, anyone will recommend you follow their private accounts and check their followings. That’s the easiest way to get access to the list of people the target is following. But, what if you don’t want to follow them? Sometimes, it is just not a practical option.

It may be your ex or a school friend you do not want to follow, but you are desperate to know who they are following on Instagram. If they have a public account, there is no problem. You can easily check their followers by visiting their profile and tapping the “following” option on the right side of the screen.

But, what if they have a private account?

It goes without saying that you will need to give them a follow in order to access their private details. Whether you need to view their latest posts or checking their following and followers, you may have to follow their accounts to access their following list.

What if we told you there is a way you can view followers of private Instagram accounts without following them?

Here you can find a complete guide on how to view followers of private Instagram account in 2021.

In fact,

These are the same strategies you can use to View Private Instagram Account photos, videos, reels, and stories without following an account.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

Can You See Private Instagram Followers?

Yes, of course.

Just think that you are willing to know someone whom with you barely have some contacts, but then you find out that the person is using a social media platform and especially have an Instagram account.

You all know interacting through social media is a much easier way to start an interaction with someone, but you find out that the person is having a private account on Instagram.

Oh, Dreams shattered! What to do now?

Well, you can use Private Instagram Viewer by iStaunch to view photos, videos, reels, and followers of private accounts for free.

How to View Followers of Private Instagram Account

  • Open Private Instagram Viewer.
  • Type Username whose followers you want to see.
  • Enter captcha for verification.
  • After that tap on the submit button.
  • Next you will see followers of private Instagram.

In case, if you are still not able to see the private profile followers then you can also follow the below alternative methods.

Alternative Ways to View Followers of Private Instagram Account

1. Send a Follow Request

One of the most simpler and effective ways to get into touch with private account users is simply by asking their users directly. This method needs a lot of patience and interaction skills.

Below are some prominent ways to start with:

Ask nicely: Just send a request to follow them and wait until they respond to it. If they already know you either directly or via mutual followers, then they will not take much time to respond to it. Once they respond to it and add you to their friend’s list you will be able to see their photos and videos on their timeline.

Be patient: This is one of the most important tips to remember. Once you send a follow request then after waits patiently. Give them some time. If you are lucky, they will respond to your request quickly even if they barely know about you. Of course, this depends only on the nature of the user you are targeting.

Drop a line: Some people might not respond to your requests as they are very much restricted to their own friend’s circle. In this case, you can send a direct message to private Instagram account to express and let them know about how you feel about them and let them know why are you interested to follow them. Give some possible genuine reasons. Additionally, you can also find the phone number of private Instagram account and directly call them to express your intention.

Inform or remind them: If you met or have seen them before then just remind them. It starts with something like “Hi” and some information about where you have seen them or about the place where you have met them.

Interact with them: If you are lucky enough to get a response then start with some attractive interactions, reminds them to check out your profile, and make them interested in you by keeping simplicity and genuine behavior. You may also keep your profile public so that they will see your photos and videos on your timeline. Make sure you look real and genuine to them so that they feel safe to respond to your follow request.

2. Create a Dummy Account

If all the above tricks and methods didn’t work for you, then don’t be upset. There’s something still left! You can make Fake Instagram Accounts of your own.

While this is not recommended or suggested but it works. With the use of this method possibility of getting in touch with your target is quite high.

Tips to start with your Fake account:

  • As recommended make a female profile, use decent photos and profile pictures and make your timeline more genuine and interesting as possible.
  • Check what is trending among female users and use it to make your profile.
  • Keep account private to create curiosity for your target.
  • Now after creating an account send follow request to your target.
  • If you don’t get any response from them then use direct messages to interact with them directly and let them know about you.

Done with all tricks? Now look at Instagram Profile Viewer Tools:

There are many websites and applications on the internet claiming that they will provide easy access to private profiles through their interfaces quite easily.

I highly recommend you to be careful before using these websites, As they may lead you to some suspicious and prominent websites.


Above all mentioned methods are easier to accomplish your desired target, but still, I will not recommend some of the methods. I hope you find your target and get in touch with them soon.

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