How to See Mutual Followers on Instagram (2 Methods)

Instagram is one of the most favorite and popular social media platforms all over the world, with around one billion active users per month. Such a huge number leverages you to increase your social circle outside the close ones. You can become a part of your distant friend’s friends and learn about their experiences without worrying about the geographical hurdles.

see mutual followers on instagram

It is a myth that you need to know someone personally to become friends with them. No, you don’t! All you need to do is find a common ground of interest and pick up from there.

The digital space is growing amongst the new generation at a rapid speed. There are thousands of people connecting and collaborating on a day to day basis over the internet to expand their business.

Do you wish to expand your relations by connecting with like-minded people?

Well, Instagram’s “mutual followers” feature is everything you need to get in touch with people you wish to add to your network.

The “mutuals” on Instagram show the number of followers you and your friend have in common.

If you want to add a new person to your profile, the mutual follower list will help you get a rough idea about that person. You can also take help from one of the mutual followers to give you some information about the user you’re interested in adding to your network.

Before sending or accepting the follow request of a stranger on Instagram, have you ever wanted to check who your mutual followers are? Well, if you have and couldn’t find a way to do it, we’re here with all the help you’d need.

In our blog today, we’re going to discuss how to see mutual followers on Instagram.

Stick with us till the end to know all about it.

What Do Mutual Followers Mean on Instagram?

Mutual followers is a popular Instagram jargon. And we’ve all come across it on a regular basis. Mutual refers to any common friends or Instagram followers that you have with a certain friend.

On Instagram, you and your mutual friends may follow the same account and become mutual followers for that account. For example, if you and your best friend both follow the same brand, such as Zara, you are both mutual followers of the brand.

How to See Mutual Followers on Instagram

Perhaps we’re in luck today because we happen to have the perfect answer to the question you seek. While Instagram’s rigorous privacy policies, set to protect the interests of its users, might seem like a hindrance in many cases, when it comes to checking out the mutual followers between another Instagram user and you, the platform has made it straightforward.

Below, we’re going to discuss how you can check your mutual followers with someone on Instagram both when you follow and don’t follow them.

Method 1: See Mutual Followers on Instagram When You Follow Them

When you follow someone on Instagram, you can easily access their profile from your own profile and wouldn’t need to go through the whole Explore tab process.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your device, and from the Home tab you land on first, jump to the Profile tab. This can be done by navigating your profile picture thumbnail on the bottom-left corner of the screen and tapping on it.

Step 2: Once you find yourself on your Profile tab, next to your display picture, you’ll see three metrics: Posts, Followers, and Following.

In order to find this person’s profile, tap on the Following metric to go to your Following list.

Step 3: On this list, navigate this person’s username and tap on it to go to their Profile.

Step 4: Once you’re on their profile, you’ll see similar metrics there as well. Tap on their Followers metrics, and you’ll be taken to their Followers tab, which would be divided into different actions.

The first section here is of Mutual, where you’ll find a specific number written next to it, such as “xyz Mutual.” This number indicates the number of users that follow both them and you.

Step 5: Tap on this Mutual to open the list of your mutual followers. There you go!

Method 2: See Mutual Followers on Instagram When You Don’t Follow Them

When you don’t follow someone on Instagram, you’ll still be able to see their profile. What you won’t be able to do is open their Followers list by tapping on the metrics because that’s a privilege only their followers enjoy.

To remedy this, we’ll take an alternate method of going through the Explore tab. This method can be used by both followers and non-followers successfully. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your smartphone. If you’re logged into your account already, you’ll find yourself on the Home tab.

Step 2: From here, navigate the magnifying glass icon right next to the home icon and tap on it to open your Explore tab.

Step 3: Once you’re on your Explore tab, navigate the search bar on top of your screen and type in the username of the person whose mutual followers you want to check out.

After you hit enter, scan the list of search results and when you find their name on it, tap on it to open their profile.

Step 4: On their profile, right under their profile picture, name, and bio, you’ll see a Followed by section, bearing the names of all your mutual followers.

When there are more than two names, it will be displayed like this:

Followed by xyz_, abc_, and 7 others

Step 5: In that case, tap on the “7 others” part to view the complete list of mutual followers between you two.

Now, you can go through this list thoroughly and figure out if the people you were expecting to see here are present on the list or not.

How to See If You Are Mutual with a Friend on Instagram

If reading so far has piqued your interest in finding out if you and a friend are mutual on the app, we have an option for you as well. Being mutual implies that you follow your friend, and they follow you back. So, are you ready to spy on your pals to discover whether they’re following you? If you want to have a peek at it, we’ve got the steps for you.

Step 1: Head to your official Instagram account and go to your profile icon.

Step 2: You can tap on your followers list and type the name of your friend. If they do not appear, it means they are not following you back. But if they do, that means you are mutual friends on Instagram.

A quick tip: If the name does not appear, you can type their username on the search field and go to their account’s following section to verify it once again. When you enter your name there, and you do not appear, it means they do not follow you.


Instagram’s mutual followers feature offers you a chance to expand your network by helping you to know your friend’s followers. There is no harm in meeting new people online when you know a little bit about them. This way you are not only making new friends but also opening doors for new opportunities.

You can use the steps mentioned in this article to see the mutual followers of the person you wish to add to your profile. Let us know if these steps worked out for you or not.

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