Who Has The Most Posts on Instagram

Did you know there’s no limit to how many Instagram posts you can share per day? Yes, if you insist on sharing many photos in one single day, please feel free to do so.

who has the most posts on instagram

However, be mindful that having no post limit does not mean that you should start flooding Instagram with posts. In order to see growth, use the app sensibly and, of course, strategically.

Anyway, Instagram has been around for more than a decade now, and people have been posting ever since. Imagine how many posts a person would have if they continuously posted every day since the day the app debuted.

Naturally, the numbers won’t be too high if they continue removing posts, but you get the idea, don’t you? Today, we have an interesting question to discuss.

Do you have any idea who has the most posts on Instagram? If this got you curious, well, let’s check out the blog.

Who has the most posts on Instagram?

We know you’re curious about who has gotten the most posts on Instagram, and we hate to keep you waiting.

Now, please roll out the drums… it’s @niepsclub.

And, do you not want to know the number of those posts that have made them achieve this feat on the gram? Can you guess?

No, it’s not thousands because the numbers have reached the 38.8 million mark. Can you believe that?

Aren’t you curious about the 38.8 million posts on the Niep’s Club account? There is only one way to find out what those posts are if that’s what you’re wondering.

You must follow them on Instagram by sending them a request. You guessed it correctly—they are a private account. Nice way to spark interest, huh?

But sending them a follow request and getting accepted shouldn’t be that difficult, considering they have 1.6 million followers (and counting) to date.

However, the first sentence in their bio reads, “Tag me in the post you found me to get accepted.” Do that, then check to see if your request is accepted.

If, however, all you wanted to know was what they posted, we can assist you with that. The majority of their posts are memes with a dark sense of humor that people can really relate to.

Give those feel-good posts a follow; they’ll make even the worst of days better. Jokes won’t let you down, and if they do, simply unfollow them. This account follows 50 people, most of whom are meme pages.

Top 12 Instagram accounts with the most posts

Earlier, we discussed the Instagram account with the most posts. We’ll now talk about the top 12 Instagram accounts with the most posts and what they share to get new likes and loyal followers.


With a cute picture of a pup in their profile and a mysterious “offline” as their bio, this account has 10 million posts and ranks 2nd on the list. The account is private, and if you want to take a good look at their posts, give them a follow.


With a whopping 8.9 million posts, @myfacewheno_o ranks third only after @niepsclub and @benc4n.

The difference in their post count is huge, but the account owner on the bio says, “journey to 9,000,000 posts”, so let’s see how long it takes for them to reach that milestone.

It’s a personal blog account with a simple bio that explains what they post about. It says I post @balenciaga. Yes, that’s pretty much it.

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