If You Rewatch Instagram Story Does Your Name Go to The Top

How often do you see an Instagram user’s story? You can skip certain stories, but there are undoubtedly those that grab our attention, and we find ourselves watching them again and again.

if you rewatch instagram story does your name go to the top

We’ve all probably experienced something similar on Instagram. Perhaps it’s the story of your best friend or your sibling. But the point is the story is too fun to watch just one time.

Now, the person who posts a story on this social networking platform will always see the view count as one, regardless of how many times you watch it. Hence, you are free to view anyone’s story to your heart’s content—no judgment at all.

However, we are here to resolve a matter that has been bothering a lot of users. Do you also wonder if your name goes to the top if you rewatch an Instagram story?

Well, please stay tuned till the end of the blog to find out everything if, like the rest of us, you’re curious about the answers.

If you rewatch Instagram story does your name go to the top?

Replaying the same Instagram story more than once has no impact on where you stand in the list of viewers. It’s very obvious that your name will rise to the top if you react to their stories, and you must have already noticed that.

Apart from that, though, Instagram’s algorithm works mysteriously, and the platform hasn’t exactly disclosed what it takes to become the top user. But one thing is certain: no matter how many times you view it, your name will always stay in the same spot.

It would be a disaster if Instagram began alerting users when you saw someone’s story more than once, don’t you think? It would be rather uncomfortable to see someone get ranked at the top based only on how many times they viewed the story or to have notifications appear every time.

It’s also very evident from this that Instagram doesn’t care to let users know how many times they’ve viewed a story. Before we proceed, let’s discuss how you watch someone’s story on Instagram below.

Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Go to Instagram on your phone and make sure you’re logged in.

Step 2: Tap on Your Story at the upper left side of the home page.

Step 3: To display the list of viewers, either swipe up or press the profile icon in the lower left corner.

You can scroll down the list of names to see everyone who has watched your story.

Does Instagram notify you when someone views your profile?

We’ve all been intrigued about a profile on Instagram at least once, isn’t it? Perhaps it’s a new classmate who started in the middle of the semester, a crush, or a buddy. Usually, the first thing we do to learn more about that person is to figure out how to access their Instagram account.

The second thing we observe is if the account is public or private. If it’s public, you only need to scroll down the account to view the person’s posts and highlights; there’s nothing more to do.

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