How to Send Broadcast Message in Whatsapp if Our Number is Not Saved

WhatsApp, a ubiquitous messaging platform, has revolutionized how we communicate. While it provides numerous features for seamless interaction, there are instances where users find it challenging to send broadcast messages without saving numbers in their contacts.

send broadcast message in whatsapp if our number is not saved

This article unravels the mystery behind sending broadcast messages on WhatsApp even if the recipient’s number is not saved in your contacts. Understanding this process can enhance your communication efficiency and help you make the most of this widely used messaging app. Let’s get started!

How to Send Broadcast Message in Whatsapp if Our Number is Not Saved?

In the vibrant ecosystem of instant messaging, WhatsApp reigns supreme. Its intuitive interface and diverse features, like broadcast lists, empower users to connect with large groups effortlessly. But what do you do when you need to reach a specific audience beyond your saved contacts?

Does that mean broadcasting becomes a distant dream? Absolutely not! This guide unlocks the secrets to sending broadcast messages on WhatsApp, even if your number isn’t saved by the recipients.

Broadcast lists on WhatsApp allow you to send a single message to a maximum of 256 recipients, who receive it individually without seeing replies from others. This makes them ideal for announcements, updates, or sharing relevant content with a focused audience.

Use a Broadcast List

WhatsApp’s Broadcast List feature allows you to send messages to more than one contact simultaneously without even creating a group. While you typically need to have contacts saved to create a broadcast list, you can leverage the “Click to Chat” feature to initiate communication without saving numbers.

Create a Broadcast List

Begin by creating a broadcast list in WhatsApp. Open the application, navigate to the Chats tab, and tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner. Select “New broadcast” from the menu.

This will prompt you to choose contacts for your broadcast list. Since you want to send messages to unsaved contacts, proceed to the next step without adding any contacts.

Use the “Click to Chat” Feature

The “Click to Chat” feature in WhatsApp allows you to initiate a chat with a number without saving it in your contacts. Open your preferred web browser and enter the following URL in the address bar: (replace “phoneNumber” with the recipient’s phone number, including the country code).

This will open a chat with the specified number in WhatsApp.

Send an Initial Message

Once the chat is initiated using the “Click to Chat” feature, send an initial message introducing yourself or providing context for the upcoming broadcast message. This step is crucial, as WhatsApp restricts sending unsolicited messages to users who haven’t received a message from you before.

Copy the Broadcast List Link

Return to the broadcast list you created earlier. Tap on the list’s name to open it. You’ll find an option to invite participants or share the link. Select the option to share the link. Copy the link provided.

Share the Link in the Click-to-Chat Conversation

Go back to the chat initiated using the “Click to Chat” feature. Paste the copied link into the conversation. This will invite the unsaved contact to join the broadcast list.

Send the Broadcast Message

Once the contact joins the broadcast list using the shared link, you can send your broadcast message. This message will be delivered to all participants in the list, even if their numbers are not saved in your contacts.

Benefits of Using Broadcast Lists for Unsaved Contacts:

Now, let’s explore some key benefits of using Broadcast Lists for contacts not saved on your device.

Efficient Communication

Utilizing the broadcast list feature allows you to communicate with multiple contacts at once, streamlining the dissemination of information without the need to create a traditional group.

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