Why Some Recipients Don’t Receive Whatsapp Broadcast Message But Can Receive Normal Messages?

Hi there, WhatsApp users! Have you ever been puzzled why some of your WhatsApp friends receive normal messages in their chatbox but somehow miss your broadcast message?

why some recipients don't receive whatsapp broadcast message but can receive normal messages

Yes, it is mysterious to a lot of folks here. We consider various scenarios, ranging from unplanned network outages to technical malfunctions. We may hold them responsible, but we can’t help but wonder if there is more to this story.

Our goal today is to determine the reason why certain recipients can receive regular messages from WhatsApp but cannot receive broadcast messages. Fasten your seatbelts, and let’s get started on the blog.

Why some recipients don’t receive Whatsapp broadcast message but can receive normal messages?

Imagine this: You send a broadcast message to a close friend, but they don’t receive it for whatever reason. However, they ironically receive your normal messages. Although this seems odd, we can promise it’s not a major issue, and we’ll find out why.

We are certain you’ve made a broadcast list, but have you not noticed what the app states when you choose people for that list?

They say only contacts with your number in their address book will receive your Broadcast messages. This clarifies why certain recipients are unable to receive your broadcast messages on WhatsApp. Yes, they aren’t receiving your messages since they don’t have your number saved.

Nonetheless, there is no restriction of this kind for normal messages. You may send normal messages to someone who doesn’t have your contact number saved in their phone book, and they will still get them without any problems.

You haven’t seen that message yet because you haven’t made a Broadcast list on WhatsApp. With that said, let us first walk you through creating a broadcast list.

Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp and tap the three vertical dot icons at the upper right corner. 

Step 2: Upon doing so, a menu list appears on the screen. Make sure you click on the New Broadcast option present there.

Step 3: Next, you must select the people you wish to add to your broadcast list and tap the checkmark icon at the bottom right corner.

Step 3 will show you that WhatsApp explicitly states that messages will be sent to contacts that have your number in their address book. But if you think there could be a better explanation, we’ll review a few additional options down below.

The person has changed their contact Number

You have almost complete certainty that the user has saved your WhatsApp number in their contacts book and that you are the one who saved it. Of course, the prior reasoning doesn’t apply to you if you’re that certain.

Have you considered the possibility that the individual may have changed their phone number? We think it’s quite likely.

The broadcast message cannot get through if the person’s old number is in the broadcast list and they have changed their phone number. Therefore, you need to make sure this is true by asking the individual, and if it is, ask them to add your number to their phone address book. In order to ensure that they get your messages, remember to add their new phone number to the broadcast list on WhatsApp.

Network Issues can Create a Problem

There’s no doubt that, occasionally, network outages can lead to a lot of troubles with apps. You must understand poor or unstable network connectivity can impact how broadcast messages are delivered.

It’s likely that during the period of network fluctuations, your network remained steady enough for someone to receive your regular messages. But it has negatively impacted the mass broadcast messages you have sent.

If so, in order for your messages to be delivered, you must relocate to a stronger network zone. Hopefully, this will fix the problem.

What if both your normal messages and broadcast messages don’t get delivered? If you’re someone who is facing such problems, we have provided two good explanations.

Reason 1: There is No Internet Access

When sending WhatsApp messages, do you have a reliable internet connection? You’re stuck since, obviously, the application cannot work without an internet connection.

When using WhatsApp, you cannot do anything without reliable internet access, regardless of the message type (the usual ones or the ones concerning the broadcasts). Therefore, to ensure that your Wi-Fi or mobile data works properly, check them first and see if any adjustments can be made. If one fails to work well, you may want to try using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi or vice versa.

Reason 2: Perhaps they Have Blocked You

You may be surprised to hear this, but sadly, we are unable to ignore this reason. You keep sending messages to them, and they just don’t get them.

What now? Do you not believe it’s time to start looking and perhaps accepting the warning signs that indicate you are blocked?

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