Can You Attend Messenger Video Call from Two Different Devices Using Same Account?

We are all used to attending a Messenger video call with just one device. After all, this is what we take to be normal. When someone calls, we answer from the device we use at that moment.

But what if you could participate in Messenger video chats on two different devices using the same account? How fantastic would that be?

can you attend messenger video call from two different devices using same account

Now, why do you need two different devices for one common goal: attending a video call, one may ask. Many of us long for the simplicity of moving between devices when on a Messenger video call.

Imagine being able to switch between your laptop and a mobile device, particularly while you’re on the road! Can you see how convenient the feature sounds? Furthermore, this kind of flexibility might guarantee more effective communication.

We’re delving into this subject to find out if you can participate in a Messenger video call from two separate devices using the same account. Stay tuned as we get into the specifics of it in today’s blog!

Can you attend Messenger video call from two different devices using same account?

Like many other chat applications, Messenger lets users log in from several devices. Hence, you can stay logged in on your laptop, iPad, and mobile device at the same time.

However, we regret to inform you that it is impossible to attend a video call from two devices simultaneously while using the same account.

Sincerely, this is still not a default feature that comes with Messenger. Naturally, the calls are shown on the devices to which you are signed in, but you are limited to using one device to answer them.

So, yes, you can only answer a video call from one device at a time. However, if you still insist on using two different devices to attend a Messenger video call, we will have to rely on workarounds that might benefit you. You can check them out below.

Switch devices during the call

How about switching devices during the call? Imagine having a video call with someone on Messenger when your phone suddenly starts to slow for no apparent reason. You can’t even listen or see the person you’re speaking to properly since your video screen is frozen while you’re sitting there.

How would you feel? Terrible, right? We think there may be a way to swiftly pick up the call on another device after ending it on your smartphone. There may be a little interruption to the call, but overall, it’s still preferable, don’t you think?

Ensure you’re logged in to your messenger account on a separate device after hanging up the phone on your mobile device. It guarantees you can answer the call with a separate device when the individual calls you back. If they haven’t contacted you again after you abruptly ended the call, you can always give them another call.

Using two devices to simultaneously participate in a Messenger video call is impossible with this workaround. Nonetheless, it is useful if a device malfunctions and you have to attend the video call.

Log in from a separate account

Attending a Messenger video call from two different devices using the same account is impossible. How about using a separate account to log in? After all, the main point is you need to answer the calls. Therefore, as long as you are able to answer those calls using two different devices, at the very least, it really doesn’t matter which Messenger account you are using.

Messenger allows you to start a video call with one individual or a group. If you’re using a Messenger room, then there is no time restriction on calls, and up to 50 users can video chat.

You need to take a few basic steps to create a Messenger room. To find out more about them, kindly follow the instructions provided below.

Steps to create Messenger room: 

Step 1: To begin, open the Messenger app on your device. 

Step 2: Can you see the People tab in the navigation bar’s lower right corner? Tap on it. 

Step 3: The option to Create a Room is available. To continue, click on it.

Step 4: Now, it’s time to pick all the people who you want to join and tap on Create.

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