If You Watch Someone’s Video on Facebook Will They Know?

Facebook is our first choice when we want to kill time and have an instant getaway from the daily grind. Watching videos has to be one of our favorite things to do around here.

if you watch someone’s video on facebook will they know

But wait a minute—have you ever wondered if the creator of the videos knows you’ve watched it? Let’s look at this crucial question: If you watch someone’s video on Facebook, will they know?

This is a question that comes up when we wish to cover up our watching habits or when we are really curious. In this blog, we will discuss this Facebook riddle. Get ready to dive right in as we break it down for you!

If you watch someone’s video on Facebook will they know?

Have you ever accidentally clicked on a Facebook video and felt instant regret? Most of us have been there!

It makes you shudder to think that the video creator/owner knows you saw it when you didn’t plan to. Please remember the creators may or may not know, depending on where you found the video and what actions you took next.

Facebook states that other users on the app can never view your watch history. On the other hand, others using the Facebook app can see the particular action you take on a page or video.

We watch someone’s Facebook video on Facebook Live, Timeline, and Story. To help you grasp, let’s break down each of these three below.

Timeline/News Feed

Did you play the video you saw someone posted on the news feed? If so, be assured the person who uploaded it won’t know you watched it. All they will know is how many people saw their video overall.

Thus, simply hitting the play button, you may see these videos whenever you want, to your heart’s delight. However, there are a few actions to be mindful of! These actions suggest you’ve watched the video.

There are three primary means of interactions via which you might reveal your identity:




All these interactions are public on the platform. Hence, the creator and everyone interacting with the creator’s videos, and your friends and followers can see that you’ve watched it.

Facebook Story

Adding Facebook stories has been popular on various social networking sites, and Facebook has naturally hopped on the bandwagon. Many of us love posting short clips and videos to our stories.

Upon opening the Facebook app, stories are what you see right away. They are impossible to miss because they are displayed at the top of the feed.

Remember that when you see someone else’s stories, they will know you’ve watched it. People can easily open their Facebook stories and tap on the eye icon in the lower-left corner to view the list of people who viewed it.

But there’s more information you need to know. If you have ever shared a story on Facebook, you would have noticed some people under “other viewers.”

The app has decided to keep their identities a secret. But one thing’s certain: none of these other viewers are your Facebook friends.

This suggests that you may watch someone’s story on the app without revealing your identity if you are not friends. However, if they change their privacy settings to only allow their friends to view their stories, you will no longer be able to access them.

Live Videos

Some Facebook creators like engaging with their audience by occasionally hosting live streams. If you are worried about getting caught watching someone’s live videos, you must answer our question first.

Did you watch the live video in real-time or after it ended? The problem is that your friend will know you are viewing if you click on their live feed when it is ongoing. They’ll get a notification as soon as you tune in.

But remember, the person hosting the live won’t get any notification that you have tuned in if you aren’t friends with them. Simply make sure you don’t engage with the creator.

Facebook also allows users to record live sessions and share the videos later. If you don’t want to expose yourself, you can watch the recordings someone shares afterward.

The creator won’t be able to view any names. They only have access to the statistics related to the people who watched their lives.

Moreover, comments or likes on the live stream indicate that you have really viewed it. So, when the live has concluded, refrain from doing it. Any kind of engagement will expose who you are.

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