Why Can’t See Someone’s Recently Added Friends on Facebook?

Have you ever been curious to see who someone’s new Facebook friends are? That someone may be your best friend, sibling, or colleague. Alright, so let’s suppose it’s your best friend. You would wonder why the newest added friend of your closest friend’s Facebook circle is not visible to you!

why can’t see someone’s recently added friends on facebook

You have every right to know who she has been hanging out with, as she is your best friend! Let’s be real; who doesn’t love a bit of friendly stalking?

We’ll navigate this topic and determine why we can’t see someone’s recently added friends on Facebook. So, let’s get started.

Why can’t see someone’s recently added friends on Facebook?

Perhaps some Facebook users prefer to keep things low-key and do not want to reveal everything they are doing to the public. Not everyone who is on Facebook is the most social or extrovert out there after all, don’t you think?

So, they would choose not to make their complete friend list visible to everyone with a Facebook account. Whether you’ve been using Facebook for a short while or a long time, you should be aware that everyone has privacy on the platform.

Yes, anybody may set their friend list to Only Me under Facebook privacy settings, which prevents others from seeing who they add to their network. You won’t be able to view their recently added friends if they conceal their friend list from prying eyes.

People take this step out of concern for their privacy. Thus, respecting the limitations and privacy that others have set up on their account is essential.

Here’s how you hide your recently added friends on Facebook:

Step 1: Open Facebook on your device. Make sure you’re logged in.

Step 2: There’s a Hamburger icon at the top right corner. Give it a tap.

Step 3: Scroll down until you see the Settings & Privacy option. Click on it.

Step 4: Go to Settings and find the Audience and Visibility tab.

Step 5: There’s a How People Find and Contact You option. Tap on it to proceed.

Step 6: On the next page, you’ll see Who Can See Your Friend List option. Tap on the option if it’s set to Public by default.

Step 7: Upon doing so, you will find a Choose Audience pop-up on the screen. Select Only Me.

There you go, you’ve successfully hidden your friends list on Facebook.

How to see someone’s recently added friends on Facebook?

We know that it might be annoying to be unable to see who someone has recently added to their friend list. However, you can find methods to make it work. Thus, if you’re interested in learning more, why don’t you read this section?

Top friends are the recently added friends

Did you know that the top friends are typically the recently added friends on your Facebook account? If someone has an open profile, you can see who is at the top of your best friend’s friend list to see the person they have added recently.

Yes, you can open anyone’s friend list. If someone has blocked everyone from viewing their friend list, it is the only thing that may prevent you from using this simple strategy.

Send them a friend request

You are trying to see someone’s recently added friend, right? However, is this person only a stranger you aren’t even friends with on Facebook, or are they your friends?

This is important since, occasionally, people change their privacy settings to allow only their friends to see who they have added as friends. Naturally, how will you see their newly added friends if you’re not friends with them? You can’t possibly make it happen, right?

Thus, you may already know the only course of action available to you in this situation. Yes, be sure you friend them first. It will be easier to see their friend list if they accept your requests.

Check the person’s recent activities

Yes, it’s not a direct answer, but at least you’ll get somewhere. What do you think?

You can see their recent activity by engaging in some healthy stalking on that person’s Facebook page. See who they have connected with on the timeline by searching for their most recent posts and tags.

All of the information could assist you in figuring out people they recently added to their friends list. See whether using this strategy helps. If not, use the last strategy we’ve provided below.

Ask them

Imagine having to go to the trouble of adding someone as a friend and yet being unable to view the friends they have recently added. It’s hardly a good situation to be in, is it?

Yes, we are aware of it, but given Facebook’s privacy features, we kind of saw it coming. All we can do is speculate as to whether they have excluded certain friends or limited access to their privacy feature to Only Me option.

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