Can You Deactivate Instagram Account Twice in a Week?

Did you know that Instagram already reached the two billion monthly active users mark about a year ago? Launched in the year 2010, the platform had two billion users in the third quarter of 2021, eleven years after its launch, and the number has been growing steadily since.

can you deactivate instagram account twice in a week

In contrast, other popular social media platforms like Snapchat and Facebook are seeing a decrease in daily sign-ups. And this is not even a fair fight; Instagram is currently under fire for its latest updates and the number of glitches on the Instagram smartphone app.

For those who aren’t aware, Instagram recently rolled up a new update for their beta users, which wasn’t welcomed with open hands, to say the least. Users complained that Instagram is trying to make its user interface more and more similar to that of TikTok.

Although TikTok is also a beloved platform, there’s no comparison between the two, which is why users haven’t appreciated the attempt to make those two platforms into one.

Moreover, since the number of users signing up for Instagram is increasing daily, there seem to be some serious glitches in the Instagram smartphone app. People haven’t been able to operate the platform as it seems to be closing itself repeatedly.

However, these are just a couple of issues in the long run, and Instagram makes up for it with its aesthetic user interface, stellar privacy policy, and strict Community Guidelines.

Read on until the end of this blog to learn whether or not you can deactivate your Instagram account twice in one week and other related topics.

Can You Deactivate Instagram Account Twice in a Week?

Let’s get straight to it: can you deactivate your Instagram account twice in one week? We hate to be the bringers of bad news, but it isn’t possible to deactivate your Instagram account twice a week.

Although there is no specific reason given by the Instagram team behind this technicality, one can easily guess the reason why. Too much activity from one account in a week can get the said account under the Instagram AI’s radar. Deactivating one’s account twice a week doesn’t make sense, which leads the AI to believe that the account has been hacked.

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