How to See Hidden Photos of Someone on Facebook

For the majority of us here, Facebook is like our digital photobook. It is crammed with many pictures and videos that capture our priceless memories.

The hitch is that some people would rather not have some of their photos made public. Ever wondered about this seemingly secret side of Facebook? The spot where people hide their pictures from curious eyes?

see hidden photos of someone on facebook

Today, we’re strolling into the world of revealing those hidden Facebook photos. We’ll discuss the tricks you can use to see those hidden photos of someone on the platform.

Now, settle down as we review the specifics of locating those hidden photos on the platform. All set? Now, let’s get started!

How to see hidden photos of someone on Facebook?

Never forget how important it is to maintain privacy on social media. Users hide their pictures on social networking sites like Facebook for various reasons.

We acknowledge that there can be good reasons why you’re inclined to check out someone’s hidden photo collection. There are moments when all that matters is curiosity, and Facebook piques that interest.

This curiosity may stem from personal interest or just plain suspicion. In any case, you need to see those photos, which is what we will be searching for in the next parts.

Method 1: Check from a mutual friend’s profile

Do you share common friends with the target user? It’s Facebook; it’s uncommon not to have a single mutual friend.

You can always make a wild guess about your mutual friends. If the person is your high school classmate, more of your high school friends on the platform will be your and the target user’s friends.

However, you can also visit the target user’s profile and see the mutual friends there. Go to the friends section and find the mutual friends under it.

It’s time to implement the strategy when you have a mutual friend list. Convince them to hand over their Facebook-installed devices to you. Now, sign into their account to see if you can view the hidden pictures that were previously unavailable to you.

However, this strategy will not work if you have no common friends at all or if you do not have any cooperative mutual friends. If so, try one of the alternative approaches we’ve listed below.

Method 2: Look for the numeric Facebook ID

We’re not sure how many people in attendance know of the numeric Facebook ID. It’s there, but we overlook it since you don’t need it very frequently.

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