Why Is My Instagram Story Blurry When I Add Music?

Gone are the days of “let the photo do the talking” on Instagram stories. These days, each one of us loves kicking up the volume to enjoy the fusion of sight and sound. Who doesn’t love the idea of having a soundtrack for their stories? Every Instagram story we come across has a soundtrack designed to fit the mood of the image or video. In fact, if you already have a song in mind, putting up a story is a minute of work.

why is my instagram story blurry when i add music

But behind the scenes of our Instagram story, we face a separate struggle sometimes. And we’re here to discuss just that.

It becomes hazy or blurry whenever we add music to the story. What kind of twist is that? Let’s uncover the mystery in this blog.

Why Is My Instagram Story Blurry When I Add Music?

Investing our own sweet time in creating the perfect lineup for our Insta stories, only to be met with a disappointing blur, can be a real mood-breaker. But instead of giving up on the fun of including music, it’s time to investigate the cause of the problem, understand it, and figure out how to resolve it.

And we do just that in this part. Remember that multiple factors are to blame for these problems. The good news? Every problem comes with an equally simple fix.

Poorly optimized pictures

That’s right. Instagram says when you share a photo, regardless of whether you’re using Instagram for iPhone or Android, they make sure to upload it at the best quality resolution possible. So, if you share a photo at a lower resolution, they enlarge it.

So, please provide higher-quality photos if you want to be sure they are clear. When adding music, make sure the photo you submit has a minimum width of 1080 pixels to prevent any blurriness.

Your camera was not up to par

How do you handle blurry photos when you add music to your Instagram story? Usually, Instagram is held responsible for the blurry story situation. But we seldom ever hold the lens responsible for this problem, right?

The picture quality is so bad because your camera may be really poor. Thus, you must upgrade the camera app if necessary. Remember, higher resolutions are possible with a superior-quality camera app, ensuring your photos are never blurry.

Your Instagram media quality might be a reason

Have you enabled the Instagram feature that allows you to post the highest quality pictures and videos? Please don’t tell us that you were unaware that such a setting existed. If you haven’t enabled it, that might account for your photographs’ blurriness when you add music.

When this setting is turned off, Instagram automatically adjusts your upload quality to suit network conditions.

Here’s how you upload at the highest quality on Instagram:

Step 1: Select the hamburger icon at the top right of your profile page on Instagram.

Step 2: A menu with the Settings and Privacy option at the top pops up. Select it.

Step 3: Find Your app and media tab and choose Data Usage and Media Quality.

Step 4: There’s an option called Media upload quality. Turn the toggle on for Upload at highest quality.

Once you do that, Instagram will upload the highest quality of your photos and videos. Note the uploading might take longer.

Violation of the community guidelines on Instagram

Like many social media platforms, Instagram has community guidelines that every user must follow. Content that violates copyright laws or contains graphic or sensitive content that is too explicit is a big no.

When checking your stories, be mindful of these things since disregarding the guidelines and breaking them may result in suspension.

Read the Instagram community guidelines to avoid any more mistakes or fix them as soon as possible.

Your Instagram needs an update

When was the last time you updated your Instagram? You really must update it immediately if you are unable to remember it.

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