Private Instagram Viewer – View Private Instagram Profiles Anonymously

Private Instagram Profile Viewer: Have you ever wanted to stalk a private account and get access to their profile photo?

To maintain the privacy of the users, Instagram allows people to keep their accounts private.

This way they get a chance to accept the follow requests of people they know. It helps Instagrammers to maintain privacy while sharing their favorite photos with their colleagues, friends, and relatives.

If you are an active Instagram account, you must have noticed that users can see the profile picture of even a private account.

But, that’s it!

What if you want to see what posts are the users sharing on their Instagram accounts?

Sometimes, we just want to stalk people without making it obvious i.e. without sending them the follow request.

So if you want to view private Instagram profile without human verification and anonymously then you will love our Private Instagram Viewer tool.

private instagram viewer

Private Instagram Profile Viewer

The private Instagram profile viewer by iStaunch is a free tool for people who planning to stalk private accounts without following them.

With over 800 million active user accounts, Instagram has turned into a go-to social networking site to upload photos and videos. The platform made it pretty easy for users to create their profiles, follow their friends, and upload posts and stories.

Instagram has public and private accounts. Public accounts are visible to everyone (except for the users blocked by the account owners).

While private accounts are restricted by the account owner. The account owner gets to decide the users who they want to share the photos and videos with.

How to View Private Instagram Profile?

You can access private accounts without having to follow the user. The Private Instagram Profile Viewer tool makes the job pretty simple for stalkers. You don’t even need technical expertise to operate the software.

To view a private Instagram profile, go to the private Instagram viewer by iStaunch. Enter the IG username in the box provided and tap on the submit button to see photos and videos of a private Instagram account.

Here’s how you can:

  • Just head over to the Private Instagram Profile Viewer tool.
  • Enter the username of the private account you would like to access. Make sure the username you input should be accurate.
  • Once you have typed the username, hit the View Profile option.
  • Wait until it fetches the posts and stories of the user.
  • That’s it! Getting access to a private account is no longer a challenging task with our advanced Private Instagram Profile Viewer tool.

As far as the safety and legitimacy of the service are concerned, you can rest assured that the tool is 100% safe and legal to use. It is safe as long as you are using it for basic stalking purposes.

The best part is you will be able to stalk these accounts anonymously. This means you don’t have to worry about getting your identity revealed to your target user. You can check their posts and stories anonymously.

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