How to Track Location of Someone’s Instagram Account

Track Location of Instagram Account: This is a complete guide on how to track someone’s location on Instagram in 2020.

So if you want to track location of Instagram user’s then you will love this guide.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

Track Location of Instagram Account

Instagram offers quite some useful built-in location search features that allow users to track the location of other Instagram users.

If you are a regular user of Instagram, you must have noticed that each post features a location option where the users get to display the location they clicked the picture at.

track location of instagram account

It is quite easier to track the location by checking the user’s recent posts and stories.

However, there is a downside to this approach.

While Instagram allows users to display their location in the Add Location Field, there is no certainty the location the user has displayed is accurate.

Moreover, it isn’t mandatory for people to display their location. Many Instagram users leave this area blank.

Another issue with this option is that there are multiple location names available for a particular location.

For instance, if you type Eiffel Tower as your photo location, a list of options describing Eiffel tower will appear in the location tab. This may include Eiffel Tower Paris, Eiffel Tower Bahria Town Lahore, and Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

Can You Track Someone’s Location on Instagram?

Unfortunately, location tracking on Instagram is only possible with the method mentioned above.

But, if the user doesn’t show the current location, you can tap into the third-party mobile applications to trace the user’s address.

Another way is to track the IP address i.e. the location of their mobile. Usually, we keep our mobiles with us all the time.

You can use Instagram IP Address Finder to find the IP address of any Instagram account.

There is a high chance the user is in the same location as their mobile. IP tracking on Instagram is possible.

However, you will have to start a conversation with the person and get them to click on the link that directs you to their current location.

It might sound a complicated job, but that is the only possible way to find the location of an Instagram user.

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