Why Doesn’t My Instagram Account Have Close Friends?

Who is there by your side to help you make lemonades from the lemons life tosses at you? Most often, it’s our best friends! They are our emotional rock, our biggest cheerleaders, supporting us from the sidelines. Now, Instagram has introduced the Close Friends feature to celebrate your bond with your besties in the form of the Close Friends feature.

why doesn't my instagram account have close friends

You no longer have to shout out your most fun or intimate moments to your 1000 Instagram followers! Rather, compile a short list of all your pals who are close friends and share it with them.

Instagram’s close friends feature has become incredibly popular, but some questions annoy users, too, and we’re here to discuss one of them. Some users question why their Instagram accounts don’t have Close Friends. We’re here to discuss this in detail, so let’s get started!

Why Doesn’t My Instagram Account Have Close Friends?

To be clear, you can use your Close Friends feature without enabling it. It’s automatically visible on your Instagram.

All you need to do is look for people you want to actively put on this list. Your list is essentially empty if you haven’t added any friends!

Here’s how you add people to your close friends list:

Step 1: Visit the Instagram app on your phone and ensure you’re signed in.

Step 2: Tap on Your Story at the screen’s top left area.

Step 3: Once there, spot and tap the Gear icon in the upper right corner.

Step 4: Is the Story option visible to you on the next page? Give it a click.

Step 5: Navigate to the Close Friends tab next. Under it, there must be a (number) people option. Press it to proceed.

Step 6: Select people to keep in your Close friends list.

To do so, scroll and select the users or use the search bar at the top to enter and choose their names.

Step 7: Click on the Done button to confirm.

Tip: Instagram doesn’t send notifications when you edit your close friends list. Besides, you’re the only person who can see your list! So, feel free to add or delete members as needed!

All the friends you’ve selected will appear on your Close friends list. You should immediately add your closest friends to the list now that you know how easy it is to do so! Your list of close friends will appear right away.

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