If I Change My User Name on Instagram, Do All Previous My Tags Done by Others Change to New Username?

Have you ever woken up feeling like you could take on the world? Sounds kind of dramatic, but to be honest, who cares? Sometimes, we wish to switch things up a little, whether it’s our personal or professional lives! We want to rebrand ourselves in front of others and have a makeover.

if i change my user name on instagram, do all previous my tags done by others change to new username

This type of change also extends to our social media accounts, right? After all, nowadays, we don’t shy away from showing ourselves more on social media! We also wish to rebrand ourselves online because why should our friends and followers remain oblivious to our changes?

With high spirits, we go on Instagram to change our usernames because, let’s face it, it’s been years since you picked that odd handle! It’s high time you change it, honestly!

Amidst the confusion and decision-making, one question comes to mind: If I change my user name on Instagram, do all my previous tags done by others change to a new username? We’re sure you’ve given this question too much thought, too! Stick with us to the end if you’re looking for answers!

If I Change My User Name on Instagram, Do All Previous My Tags Done by Others Change to New Username?

Allow us to get in-depth to give you a detailed answer. Here’s the thing: you tag people in two different ways on Instagram: in posts and in comments.

If you change your Instagram username, all of your previous tags will instantly change to your new username. When someone clicks on the tag, your account will be immediately accessible.

However, things become a bit more complex regarding the mentions or tags in the comments section. When someone gives you a special shoutout in the comments or description using your previous username, it doesn’t update to your new username.

You might be wondering now where clicking on the old tags takes you. Well, when you click on the old username, you’ll be sent to an empty profile page. If no one else has already claimed your old username, the profile page may state, user not found.

How to change your Instagram username?

Changing your old username to a new one is effortless since you need to follow a few easy steps. However, many question why it’s typically necessary for people to change it in the first place.

Rebranding their digital identity to ensure it accurately represents your business on the platform is one of the many reasons, but there are more. Of course, many people change it for aesthetic reasons, and many might not even have true motives.

We’re confident you already know how to modify your Instagram username. However, we’ve created a simple step guide if you don’t already know.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Visit Instagram and give your profile icon a tap. It’s present at the bottom right corner.

Step 2: Select the Edit profile option from your profile page.

Step 3: Once there, navigate to the Username section and click on it.

Step 4: Create a new username.

If it says the username is unavailable, you must change it since it’s already taken.

Step 5: Tap the checkmark option once done.

That’s it; you’ve successfully changed your Instagram username.

When you change your Instagram username, you should keep a few things in mind. The most crucial point is that you may only change your username to the one you originally used for 14 days. After that, it will depend on its availability whether you can continue to use the prior username or not.

People link you with a specific username if you use it frequently. It also helps them remember and identify you. However, the abrupt change can impact them as well as other Instagram features like notifications and the searchability of your profile. Let’s talk about the important implications that a new username has below.

Profile searchability

Your profile’s searchability may suffer if you change your username. Imagine someone looking through the past posts hoping to find you since you have lost contact. They naturally click on your tag in the comments when they see one.

But what happens then? Well, the person who is looking for you is going to run into problems. Your username will lead them to an essentially blank account.

Furthermore, Instagram’s search feature does not instantly update to include your new username in the search results, making it difficult for users to find your new profile! For some users, making their profile searchable under their new username might take a few minutes, hours, or days.


What happens when someone tags your old username in a comment or post after you’ve changed it? There are doubts regarding this question in the minds of many users.

According to the Instagram Help Center, your followers may be notified of your username change. However, if you’ve spent much time on Instagram, you know this claim isn’t necessarily accurate.

How often have you been notified that your friend has changed her username? You see their stories or posts, get confused because you can’t recognize them, and visit their profile only to see it’s your friend!

So, you see, you don’t often receive notifications because Instagram’s notification system primarily relies on the current username. As a result, the platform may not always actively monitor the previous one.

Tips to change your Instagram username

Changing your Instagram username after a long time of use can confuse your followers. However, that’s not even the entire picture! Most often, your personal profile may get away with changing to a new username, especially if you have fewer followers.

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