How to Fix Live Option Not Showing on Instagram

Instagram is the second most populous social media platform and is still relatively new to the market. Launched in 2006, Facebook, its parent company, is the only other platform that’s still a contender for Instagram. And this makes a lot of sense because when you think about it, Facebook and Instagram share many features. In fact, Instagram has more or less every feature that Facebook does. When you see a feature on Facebook but not on Instagram, that just means the latter found an improved alternative.

fix live option not showing on instagram

When Instagram was launched, its objective was similar to Facebook: to act like a social media platform where people can share images and connect with others. But after the Meta Group of Companies acquired Instagram, even the small differences were eliminated.

Even though the features are the same, Instagram and Facebook are still very different in design, target audience, and just vibes. One cannot compare them because they both provide entirely different experiences. So, if given a choice, which would you choose?

Instagram is suited for a younger, much more modern clientele. Its design is more colorful and sleeker, with modernistic features that fit the Gen Z vibe. However, that doesn’t mean older people feel out of place there; Instagram is a very supportive community, which just adds more value to it.

Facebook has a more outdated design, even with regular updates. Moreover, with the addition of the Marketplace, it has become a hub for Boomers. And make no mistake; while Boomers are welcome on Instagram, not much on Facebook can attract the attention of Gen Z.

Instagram is also inclined towards entertainment, with the Explore tab, reels, and celebrity Lives, which never fail to make the users laugh. So, if you’d rather have a bit of fun after a full day of studying or work, you know where to go!

Today’s blog will discuss how to fix the live option not showing on Instagram.

How to Fix Live Option Not Showing on Instagram?

We know how annoying it is when you can’t use a feature on your smartphone, whether a system app or a social media one. Today, we’re talking about the live option on Instagram in particular. How can you fix it if it doesn’t seem to be working?

Although the sure-fire fix can only be found when you know the root cause, there are still a few fixes that work in every situation. From restarting your device to contacting support, we have an answer for every scenario!

Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through every solution so that you don’t feel lost at any point in the way. However, we’d like to mention that these fixes are not technically guaranteed methods. Although one of these should work for you, there is a small chance none of these do.

Check your internet connection

The first and the most important thing to check is to see the stability of your internet connection. It’s a simple thing that most people miss, but it’s what generally happens. Check the strength of your connection. If it’s strong, then you can go ahead and switch to another connection.

Restart your smartphone

We use our smartphones day in and day out. The average teenager uses their smartphone for at least 7 hours 22 minutes at the least, which is 5 hours 22 minutes more than the recommended usage.

So, it’s not that unreasonable if your phone needs a break. Restarting it once might give it the sweet relief it has been missing, don’t you think?

Clear Instagram app cache

Instagram is a large app, and the longer you use it, the more cached data gets accumulated. So, it’s useful to clear it every once in a while so that you can ensure that the app functions normally.

Go to settings on your smartphone and launch your app settings. Don’t worry about your data disappearing; it just means saved data, like your passwords, permissions, and preferences will be erased. The rest will still be the same.

Reach out to tech support

If these solutions don’t seem to work for you, you can contact Instagram tech support as a last resort. They’re there to help you, so don’t hesitate to describe your problem in full detail.

In summary

Instagram is among one of the best platforms to create a presence. After all, there are so many features to create and share! Reels, posts, stories, and lives are a few places where you can entertain/educate/inform your followers.

If you are not able to access your start live feature for some reason, don’t worry. There are many technical hacks that might fix this issue. But even if they don’t work, you can always contact Instagram for technical aid.

If our blog has managed to help you, let us know all about it in the comments below!

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