How to Change a Picture on Instagram Without Deleting It

Did you know that the first ever photo ever posted on Instagram was that of a dog? It’s true! Kevin Systrom, the app’s co-founder, took a picture of a stray dog next to a taco stand in Mexico and posted it with only ‘test’ as a caption. The app was opened to the public in October 2010, about three months after the picture was posted.

change picture on instagram without deleting it

One of the main features of Instagram including posting pictures and uploading stories. And with time, hundreds of different types of posts come and go out of style. One of the currently trending post formats on Instagram is dumps. A dump is a carousel post that contains seemingly totally unrelated photos.

However, those photos together display some aesthetic or a time of the year.

These dumps used to have a great disadvantage, too. Whenever you don’t like a single picture on a dump, there’s no option to remove it. You’ll have to take down the post, losing all the engagement and reach, or you’ll just have to live with it.

However, not anymore. A new feature on Instagram lets you remove a single picture from a carousel post! Isn’t that amazing?

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss whether or not you can change an Instagram post without having to delete it. We’ll also learn how to delete a single photo from an Instagram carousel post, so read on until the end to know all about it!

Can You Change a Picture on Instagram Without Deleting It?

Have you ever taken twenty pictures in one day and only liked one of them in the end? Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us.

We choose that one picture after hours of consideration and finally post it, only to dislike it again the next day. All we really want at this point is to post that one picture everyone told us to post, but we didn’t.

If you’re stuck in a similar situation, we understand how it feels. However, we’re sorry to say that there’s no option on Instagram that lets you replace a post with another picture on Instagram, with all its engagement intact. There’s also no third-party tool or Chrome extension that can help you achieve this.

If you think this is unfair, you must also understand how problematic it is. Let’s say someone posts a beautiful picture of a Parisian Street. The post gets hundreds and thousands of likes, comments, and shares. The next day, the account is hacked, and an inappropriate or disturbing image replaces the photo. Isn’t that wrong?

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