How to See Someone’s Recent Followers on Threads

Threads is the most recent app to get market attention in the rapidly growing social networking space. Have you heard of this Instagram spinoff app yet? There have been several continuing discussions over whether or not to download the app on Twitter and other social media sites. But trying something new is exciting, isn’t it? The app’s interface is similar to Instagram, and its posts have a clear character limit comparable to Twitter.

see someone's recent followers on threads

We can’t deny that many people have already downloaded and been actively using the app despite the continual push and pull of determining if it is worthwhile. Now, interested Threads users have a lot of questions on their minds. One such pressing question is the one we are discussing today.

Are you interested in learning how to view a user’s most recent followers on this platform? We are all in the same boat if that’s what you want.

What are you still holding out for? Read the blog to stay updated on the newest app to hit the market.

How to See Someone’s Recent Followers on Threads?

Let’s cut to the chase:

There isn’t a feature built into Threads that lets you see a user’s most recent Threads followers. The app is new, and we anticipate it will take some time to organize it better and add these functions. However, we hope you can look at and use the workarounds available if you still want to see it.

Method 1: View their followers and following on Instagram

It’s more of an educated guess than a foolproof approach to look up the target Thread user’s recent followers! Since this app does not currently allow viewing a user’s most recent followers, Instagram can help. What do you think?

As Instagram users, we can see who a certain person follows on the platform. Additionally, you can easily view their followers tab in their profile.

All we need is that you first follow the instructions to view someone’s followers and the following tab on Instagram for you to be able to grasp everything better.

Steps to check someone’s followers and following tab on Instagram:

Step 1: Tap the magnifying glass icon (search option) on Instagram, enter the person’s name, and then hit Enter.

Alternatively, you can use the followers and the following tab on your profile to search for them.

Step 2: Can you now see the followers tab for the person? Please choose it and read the names listed there.

Step 3. Go back to the profile and check the following tab as well.

Please keep in mind their follower counts and follower numbers as well.

Have you noticed that everyone who the person follows also follows them back? It indicates that they have a balanced number of followers and followers, isn’t that right?

For instance, they have 20 followers and 20 followers. If so, it will make the guessing process much simpler. Go to their Threads profile after seeing their Instagram account. Look under the Followers tab on their profile.

Steps to check someone’s followers tab on Threads:

Step 1: Open Threads and login if necessary.

Step 2: Search for the person’s Threads profile and enter their profile.

Step 3: Tap the followers option next.

You’ll find the follower list under the followers tab. You can also check their following list by clicking on that option right next to it. You may manually check their followers’ names to view them or match the number count for their Instagram and Threads followers.

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