How to Create Instagram Account without Phone Number

Instagram is leading in social media for making friends, communicating for business, or for publishing and creating content. Everyone doesn’t aspires to use their personal phone number in making Instagram account. As pe the survey 73% of people are just making Instagram account for viewing videos and stories.

create instagram account without phone number

There are several reasons for people not using personal Phone Number in Instagram account as they need to get rid of commercial maling like promotional mails and ads. Secondly, they have many business accounts and keep details differed from each other. Sometimes, users tends to create additional Instagram account for some more followers or business purpose.

Here the article is related to create an Instagram account without a phone number.

How to Create Instagram Account without Phone Number

You can even choose a virtual number to receive a sms to verify new Instagram account. It doesn’t needs any complex actions to finish this procedure. Follow these steps, to create an account by a virtual phone number.

Step:1- Creating an Account

Install the Instagram app and open it. This will take to the main page of the Instagram account as shown in the picture.

After this screen that shows Instagram logo written as from Facebook that is its Parent App. You will be asked to sign up with phone number or email address as shown.

Step: 2- Tap on to Sign Up with Email address and Phone Number l option

You will come across sign up page where you have to enter the personal details as Phone Number or Email address for creating the account. You have to simply feed Email address instead of Phone Number. Your Instagram account without a Phone Number is hence created. Click on to next button after it.

Step: 3- Enter you E-mail address by clicking on it.

Instead of adding a phone number, add the email address. You can create your account without a phone number. Click Next button after it.

Step: 4- If you want to create an account feed your Name and Password

Now, if it’s time to fill the account details by entering your Full Name and password. In this case there are two options one with to continue with syncing contact, and second is if you don’t want to continue without syncing click on other option.

After that, you will be asked to add the avatar of your username and other details that are required to set in a new Instagram account.

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