Can You Really See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile? [Updated 2020]

Can you really see who viewed your Instagram profile?

If you are an avid Instagram user then you probably want to know actually who viewed my Instagram profile or maybe you want to know who stalks you.

Unfortunately, you can’t do that.

But wait wait…

There are some ways that can help to analyze your Instagram interaction and easily see who viewed your Instagram profile.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

A social network is a platform that helps to connect to new people. But there are concerns related to misuse for stalking and privacy issues.

who viewed your instagram profile

Professional social media websites like LinkedIn do provide ways for you to see who visited your profile.

Recently users of Facebook also have demanded a similar feature, but the company has decided against it so far. As Facebook also owns Instagram now, they follow the same principle in the case of Instagram as well.

Why Users Need “Who Viewed My Instagram Profile” Feature?

Viewing the visitor information for your profile is essential for many reasons. Whether we are individuals or businesses, we want to reach out to the right audience.

There are many types of people whom we want to connect with such as friends, family, customers, and co-workers are the obvious choices. Celebrities, social leaders, influencers, career mentors, are few of the other choices.

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We put our efforts into building profiles so that it can attract the right kind of people. Obviously, we would want to check whether we are reaching our targeted audience or not. In the case of professionals, it becomes even more critical.

It is an obvious question of why would Instagram does not allow us to view the visitors to our own profile?

After all, it should be straightforward for Instagram to keep track of such visitors. And yes, they do keep this track. They don’t show us.

Why doesn’t Instagram allow it?

There are a couple of reasons Instagram does not show you this information. One is that the fundamental objective of social networks is to allow you to connect to more and more people.

And to do that, it makes sense that people are allowed to view other profiles. If Instagram shows you all the profile visitors, there is a high chance that you will block unwanted visitors.

If a sufficiently high number of users start blocking other users, Instagram has a risk of losing user engagement.

Does that mean you will always be in the dark about your audience and followers? Well, not really. We bring you three ways to be more informed about who visits your Instagram and analyze your audience.

No. We are not going to recommend any third-party apps.

As third-party apps are not the correct solution.

In fact, the number of apps that claim to track your profile viewers, whether on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, there are hardly any applications now who claim to track only your profile viewers.

There are tons of app which track follower activities. Instagram does not provide the APIs to see your profile viewers so easily. One of the tricks used in the past by such apps was to show random user profiles as visitors. Some of these apps have abysmal ratings and reviews for obvious reasons.

In general, you should be very careful about using such apps, as they will collect your data. Cambridge Analytica used the data collected from a Facebook Quiz game to influence US elections. There can be worse outcomes.

If not third party apps, then what alternative are there, you will ask.

How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

Below you can find the possible ways to know who stalks my Instagram profile and how to see who viewed your Instagram profile in 2020.

1. Business Accounts to Analyze Profile Visitors

The first option is to use a business account. Analytics with a business account really provides you incredible insights.

You will get to see the age range of your visitors as well as gender distribution. The data also shows the geographical locations of your visitors, and the time they are online.

who viewed your instagram profile

This information comes in handy to define your Instagram content strategy. Based on this information, you can determine what kind of content is generating the traffic and your audience profile.

The business account, too, though, does not tell you the names of the users who viewed your profile.

2. Use Stories to Track Visitors

The second option is to use stories. Instagram stories are available for 24 hours. To see the users who have seen the story, you need to swipe up when the story is open. You will get to see the names of the users who have seen your stories.

who viewed your instagram profile

This is quite a useful feature not only to view the visitors. From the same window, if you want to block a user from seeing your stories in the future, you can do that by clicking on the small “x” icon to the right.

After 24 hours of publishing the story, you will not be able to see all these data.

3. Turn Your Profile Private

If you are really very concerned about who views my Instagram profile, you can opt to convert your profile private.

Public profiles are accessible to anyone on Instagram by default. If you want someone to stop viewing your account, you will need to block them individually.

With a large number of viewers, individual blocking will take a lot of time. If you make your profile private, you will be able to approve the users who can view your profile.

Turning on the private profile will not have any effect on users who are already following you. So you will need to remove them manually.

Workarounds are only options

For your public profile on Instagram, you have these two options to get an idea and control who sees your profile.

Of course, both fall short from the primary objective. With a business account, you get the insights to understand your audience demographics, but not the names of actual visitors.

With stories, you need to put in extra time and effort for every story to block unwanted visitors. By turning your profile private, you can control who can see your profile, but limit the visibility of your content.

Perhaps soon, Instagram can think of a creative way to enable us to view who viewed our Instagram profile, but till then, we will need to live with the workarounds.

Final Words:

I hope guys now you can easily see who viewed my Instagram profile online for free in 2020. If you have any question then let me know in the comment section below.

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