How to Tell if Someone Blocked You from Seeing Their Story on Instagram

Have you realized that your friend is not posting their daily stories on Instagram recently? Or is it just your imagination that your relative is not as active as they once were in posting stories of their upcoming cooking recipes? Are those thoughts keeping you conflicted if you are blocked from their stories? If you have a blocking hunch and want to clarify it, then rest assured since finding out for sure is not that difficult. 

know who blocked you from seeing their story on instagram

Blocking or filtering who can view your stories on Instagram is a common practice. It is especially the case given how much the app cherishes its user’s privacy. The app continues to upgrade its privacy features to ensure maximum protection for its users. Hence, there could be reasons if you have noticed someone missing from your Instagram story feed recently.

But, before you do anything, please remember that there are no formal procedures for confirming these suspicions. These activities are normally carried out discreetly for reasons of privacy.

So, what works then? Yes, the same old Sherlock classic. So, rely on some of these tried-and-true unofficial methods to help you settle your inner struggle. So, let us get started to learn more.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You from Seeing Their Story on Instagram

1. Contacting a Mutual Friend

The person in question may have set their privacy settings to Close friends or enabled the Hide story from option. Thus, this is a perfect way to start before you rush to assumptions. The only thing you’ll need here is a mutual acquaintance who follows both you and the target.

You can easily determine whether or not the target’s account story is visible to your mutual friend on their phones. You can check two or three more common friends to verify your suspicions if they can see it. And if it continues to be that way, you have your answer.

If your mutual friend isn’t around, you can just ring them up and ask them to share the targeted person’s story with you over DM. Check if you can see the story now. The individual may have blocked you from viewing their stories if you cannot access them.

2. Searching for the Person on Instagram

If you have tried and tested various methods, this may be your queue to check if the said person has outright blocked you from their Instagram. You can verify it simply by entering their username on the search panel of the app. If they do not show up or you merely see no posts yet, then you are blocked.

Alternatively, if you do not recall their usernames, you can browse through the tag posts from a mutual friend’s account to look for a picture where the person has been tagged. Tap on the tagged photo and check if you can see their photos on their profile. If this is not the case, this is another indicator that the person has blocked you.

You could also hunt for them in the comments section of posts where they may have engaged with you or your mutual friends or in your private chats where you two interacted. You might come across phrases like user not found. Then you have unfortunately been blocked. And, of course, if this is the case, there is no way to see their stories.

3. Creating a New Instagram Account

It is the next best method to consider if you are willing to go out of your way a tad bit. You can create a new account to see their stories. To make a new account, you must first log out of the one you are presently using. Sign up with a random name and alternate email address. If you can access their stories from your new account, then you are blocked from your original account.

This strategy, however, has a glitch in that it only works if the suspect has a public account. Frankly, it will take more time and work on your part if they are private. You must first send a follow request to them. You could get lucky and get accepted right away, or you’ll have to work hard to make your account look legitimate.

This way, the target person will accept your follow requests. And, if you are accepted, the method will work brilliantly.

Here is a short guide of some hacks to appear genuine if you have troubles 

  • Include a few photos in your post.
  • Create a visually appealing display/profile photo.
  • Amass a following of at least 50 people.
  • Go private

4. Asking Them Directly 

It is both the simplest and most terrifying strategy to dealing with the situation. Go to the individual in question and clarify your concerns by questioning whether or not they have blocked you from viewing their stories. Now, this approach could go either way. They might be honest and tell you they did it. Because it’s possible, they merely posted something for a select few people to view, or they don’t want you to view it all.

Or they might not be upfront about it, but you’ll figure it out eventually via other techniques. But to be candid, it saves you all the time or effort you’d otherwise invest. Not to mention your peace of mind can also get shattered over such trivial topics.

The Bottom Line

We have arrived at the end of the article for today. Instagram is a widely used app that provides excellent security for its users, which is wonderful. However, it is a let-down sometimes if you are on the receiving end of this feature’s effects. In this blog, we’ve attempted to provide various methods for determining whether or not someone has genuinely blocked you from their Instagram story.

We have also managed to include a quick guide in the middle to lead you through any steps to help look your profile look legitimate. If you found our article helpful in finding what you were looking for, do let us know in the comments below.

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