How to See Someone’s Recent Following on Instagram

As an Instagram user, what’s the first step you take towards reconnecting with an old friend or getting to know someone new on the platform? Sending them a follow request or accepting theirs. Following someone, especially a private account, is basically the first step to staying in touch with their small and big updates on the platform.

see someone's recent following on instagram

For the very same reason, who a person follows on Instagram can tell you a lot about their lives. Perhaps they’ve met someone new and are trying to connect with them on the platform. Or have they started following a celebrity, an author, or a chef there? It could be indicative of a newfound hobby or a revived, old interest.

In our blog today, we’re going to talk about the possibility of figuring out who someone followed on Instagram recently. If you’re seeking an answer to the same question, stay with us till the end to get some interesting answers.

Can You See Someone’s Recent Following on Instagram?

Let’s get right to the question at hand: Can you see someone’s recent following on Instagram? The answer is: No. While such a thing was possible on Instagram once upon a time, as a part of your Activity tab, the feature was removed by Instagram Team in one of the later updates. Wondering why? Well, because of this exact reason, some users didn’t like others keeping tabs on their activity, which led to its removal.

Because this feature was initially present on Instagram and has been intentionally removed later on, it’s a clear indication that there’s no point in waiting for its return on the platform. So, does this mean there’s nothing you can do about your concern? Well, there’s nothing you can do on Instagram itself, but if you’re ready to employ the help of a third-party tool, we might have something for you. Keep reading to know more.

How to See Someone’s Recent Following on Instagram (Third-Party Tool)

The most ideal third-party app that can help you with seeing other users’ recent following on Instagram is Snoopreport.

Designed to help both professionals and individuals on Instagram by fetching them more data on their followers, Snoopreport is the perfect third-party tool for all your Instagram-related needs. The best part about using this application is that it’s completely legit and doesn’t practice obtaining data unethically or by breaching Instagram’s Privacy policy.

Snoopreport helps marketers and business professionals on the platform analyze their market performance and plan for the future accordingly by bringing them the essentials of what their target audiences like and are responding to. It does the same thing for individuals who are trying to monitor their kids’ activities on the platform or want to get to know someone better.

The app functions in a weekly manner, meaning that once you enter the username of the person, and it will take a week to gather all data and will present it to you at the end of the week.

As you might have gathered by now, Snoopreport offers paid services. It has three plans designed keeping in mind the needs of individuals, small businesses, and professionals.

  • The Individual plan is the cheapest ($4.99 per month) and allows you to track only 2 accounts.
  • The Small Business plan will cost you $14.99 per month, allowing you to track up to 10 accounts.
  • The Professional plan, the most expensive plan offered by them, charges $44.99 per month, giving you reports of up to 100 accounts every month.

If you’re planning on using this app for your needs, go to their website (link attached above) and check out more info about them before registering for a plan.


With this, we’ve come to the end of our blog. Before we take your leave, let’s give you a quick summary of everything new we’ve learned today. We began by discussing the possibility of checking someone’s recent following on Instagram, only to figure out that such a thing couldn’t be done on the platform. Moving on, we told you about Snoopreport, a paid third-party tool that you could use to get it done.

Later, we discussed how you could view your own most recent following and other actions you could take on both your following and followers list. If you found what you were looking for in our blog, we’d love to know about it in the comments section below.

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