If You Cancel Someone’s Follow Request on Instagram, Can You Undo It?

How many of you can say that you’ve ever approached a stranger face-to-face just because you liked their vibe and wanted to know them better? While it sounds dreamy in theory, in reality, such a thing requires a great deal of courage and is not everyone’s cup of tea. After all, if confessing your feelings for someone you know can be tough, doing it for a stranger is unquestionably so. And the digital equivalent of this valiant act is sending someone a follow request.

if you cancel someone's follow request on instagram, can you undo it

You never know if the recipient will accept or reject it, or make fun of it, or you, with their friends. But you choose to be vulnerable and put yourself out there in the hope of finding something meaningful in an otherwise pretentious world.

This is also why we often recommend our readers to be careful and considerate while going through the follow requests they receive on Instagram. Suppose you ended up deleting a request you meant to accept; what will be the consequences? Is there a way to take it all back? Stick with us till the end of the blog to find answers to all these questions!

If You Cancel Someone’s Follow Request on Instagram, Can You Undo It?

Let’s get straight to the point. We understand that while checking your follow requests, you probably canceled a request unintentionally.

This is a common mistake we hear about from our readers; as it happens, there’s very little distance between the Confirm and Delete buttons next to follow requests. Anyone’s fingers can take a lousy slip and miss the intended target, right?

So, what can be done to fix this issue? We can tell you what you can’t do: it’s undoing the act. This might come as a surprise to some of you, but unlike unsending, a DM, canceling a request has no scope of reversal on the platform.

Once you’ve pressed Delete on a follow request, it automatically disappears from your Follow Requests tab, thereby not allowing you a second chance to make things right.

Instagram’s solution to your problem

Considering your problem is related to Instagram, it’s natural to wonder what the platform’s help center has to say about it, isn’t it?

Since you decided to come to us first, we’ve gotten the suggestion of the Instagram Help Center right here for you:

If you accidentally deny a follow request, you can ask the person to request to follow you again.

That wasn’t very helpful, now, was it?

Well, don’t worry; we have a couple more suggestions that you might find more appealing than this one. Let’s move ahead to explore them below, shall we?

Here’s how you can salvage the situation:

We’ve already established how the act of deleting a follow request on Instagram is irreversible above. For those of you who are wondering how to fix this now, here are a couple of suggestions that we believe can contain the damage; if not revert it.

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