How to Tell if Someone is Active on Bumble (Bumble Online Status)

When it comes to spicing up their love life, most people seek the refuge of Tinder. However, if you’re actively dating today, you must keep all options open. In other words, just as we use multiple platforms for social engagement, such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and so on, it’s a good idea to use multiple dating apps as well. Perhaps doing so will increase your chances of finding your soulmate or even speed the process along.

know if someone is active on bumble

We understand that some people make an account on dating apps just for fun. However, there are many users out there who are looking to date seriously on these sites.

If you are one of the latter and recently made a match with someone, how long will you wait for their text? And if you have texted them first but haven’t received a reply yet, how would that make you feel?

We’re sure your head would be filled with questions like, “Why haven’t they written back to me?”, “Do they think I’m desperate just because I texted first?”, “What if they lost interest after being matched with me?” and “What if they found a better match?”.

We’d never want you to go through such a crisis just because you haven’t heard back from a person. But what else can you do to find out if this person is active on Bumble?

If you’re a new Bumble user and have questions like “how do you know if someone is active on Bumble”, “does bumble show when you are online” or “does bumble show inactive profiles” then we might be able to help you by clarifying some of your basic queries.

Stay with us till the end to learn about how to know if someone is active on Bumble, the snooze feature, and Bumble online status.

Can You Tell if Someone is Active on Bumble?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if someone is active on Bumble, even if you two have matched. Bumble takes extra care of its users’ privacy to prevent threats of stalking. However, in order to protect the interests of its active users, Bumble has taken another important step. If a user has not used their account for more than 30 days, Bumble will consider their profile “inactive” and remove them from the swiping list.

In other words, if someone hasn’t used their account for a while, Bumble will make sure you don’t match with them even by mistake.

know if someone is active on bumble

Does Bumble Show Online Status?

Unfortunately, Bumble doesn’t show online status. The Bumble team recently clarified on Quora that they removed the last active feature as users did not like the online status displayed on their profiles.

know if someone is active on bumble

Does Bumble Show When You Are Online?

Unfortunately, Bumble doesn’t show when you’re online or when someone last online. There is a good reason behind it is a user’s privacy as the last active feature is mostly used by stalkers and we all agree that stalking is bad. If the profile is still showing on the platform, that means they have been active in the last 30 days.

Does Bumble Show Inactive Profiles?

As said above, Bumble doesn’t show inactive profiles. If the profile is not showing on the platform, that means the profile is inactive and removed from the swiping list.

What if You Stop Using Bumble? Will Your Profile be Deleted?

In the last section, we discussed how Bumble considers a profile inactive when it hasn’t been used for more than 30 days. But does it mean your profile gets deleted from the platform? No, of course not. However, Bumble will remove you from the swiping lists temporarily.

So, if you feel like you’re going through a similar phase, instead of leaving things as it is, you can put your Bumble profile on snooze until you’re ready to get back in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I chat with someone on Bumble while my profile is on snooze?

Ans: Yes, you can. Snoozing your profile is a choice that you’ve made for yourself, so you can exercise full control over it. In other words, if you want to text your matches in snooze mode, you can certainly do so. It will not change the snooze status of your profile either. However, it will remove your away status for all your existing matches.

Q2: Can I check if a match has read my message on Bumble?

Ans: Unfortunately, you can’t. Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp, Bumble doesn’t have the read receipt feature. And if you really think about it, it makes sense, too. After all, we don’t want to feel threatened into replying quickly to people we’re dating online.

Dating apps like Bumble are here to make our lives easier, not to complicate it further by telling a user when their match has read their message, making them overthink not receiving a prompt reply. After all, we have a life outside of our smartphones as well.


Bumble doesn’t display the online status of its users and has no concept of read receipts either. Therefore, there’s no way to tell if someone is online on Bumble unless they’re texting you.

Later, we also discussed how the Snooze feature works on this platform and how you can turn it on if you’re planning to stay away from Bumble for a while. If our blog has helped you in any way, tell us about it in the comments section below.

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