How to See Who Viewed Your Tinder Profile (Tinder Profile Viewer)

Tinder is the epitome and a mile-marker for dating and geosocial applications. Tinder is the sole reason that “swipe left” and “swipe right” expressions mean what they mean today. It is an application designed to connect two like-minded persons in sober terms. 

who viewed your tinder profile

Tinder serves as a medium for eligible bachelors of varying inclinations to engage with each other. In simplest of terms, it is a dating application that requires two bachelors to approve of each other before commencing contact mutually.

Swipe right, swipe life – the dating app Tinder has a plethora of amusing applications. Many Tinder users look through people’s profiles before deciding if they want to date them.

But many of us have experienced that terrifying fear: what if you screenshot someone’s Tinder? Is it possible for someone to determine if you check out their Tinder profile by accident or on purpose?

Everyone encounters these types of questions and craves answers for them. You all want to know who viewed our Tinder profile, hoping that one of the viewers might be your crush. But, don’t worry, we have got your back!

In this blog, you will learn how to see who viewed your profile on Tinder. You will also find some exciting and useful features that you can use on this application and much more.

Keep reading to find out.

Can You See Who Views Your Tinder Profile?

Unfortunately, you cannot see how who views your Tinder profile unless they right-swiped you. Tinder allows you to swipe right or swipe left on random profiles based on your preferences and geographical location. It means that Tinder allows you to see who viewed your profile only if they liked you.

However, to maintain privacy and self-respect for bachelors on both sides, details of an account are kept completely anonymous if they swipe left.

If the person swiped right on your profile, you will not receive a notification saying so. What happens is that you may eventually see their profile on your queue to swipe left or right on. Hereafter, you can check out their profile picture, bio, preferences, dislikes, and so on. 

After looking at a profile on your queue, you have the option to either swipe left or right on their picture. Naturally, there will be two outcomes for each action.

Let’s talk about what happens after each one in detail.

Swipe Left

If you swipe left on their profile after checking it out, Tinder will take it as a “No” from your side. Even though the other person had given their consent on you when you swiped left, it meant that the conversation was over before it even started.

Just like with you, the other person won’t and can’t get a notification about you swiping left and rejecting their advance.

Swipe Right

This action is what makes things interesting. When you check out a profile that right-swiped you and right-swipe them in exchange, Tinder takes it as a “Yes” from both sides to set up a channel of communication between you two.

As soon as you mutually right-swipe each other, you will see an “It’s a match” screen. After that, you can either send a message to the person and start communicating or continue to swipe on more profiles.

One thing to note here is that it may take up to days or weeks before you match with a person as they only see your profile as a random suggestion in their queue even after you have right-swiped them.

It is only after a mutual right swipe that you know it’s a match. You can either use it to make friends with them or continue your search.

Does Tinder Notify When You View a Profile?

Tinder doesn’t notify when you view someone’s profile. They only get notifications when you swipe right, like their photos or message them. They will not even find out whether you checked out their profile in detail or not.

Bottom Line:

Tinder is a geosocial match-making application that promotes the dating culture. It is the origin of the swipe culture as well, where a left swipe means you disliked a profile and a right swipe signifies that you liked it. 

While Tinder is available to use for free, it becomes much more productive and fruitful when used with a paid Gold or Platinum level subscription.

We also learned that there is absolutely no way to find out who has looked at your profile and swiped left or right. You only find out that a person had already right-swiped you only when you mutually right-swipe each other.

When you right-swipe on a profile that already right-swiped you, you will see a message saying, “It’s a match.” After which, you can message them and start communicating. If you liked our content, be sure to check out our other tech-related blogs as well!

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