How to Create Tinder Without Phone Number

More than 4 million people use Tinder, one of the famous dating apps. And, this number seems to grow in the coming years considering the popularity of the app in different countries and the number of languages it supports. If you already have an account on Tinder or you are creating one, you must have come across the option that asks you to submit your phone number for verification purposes.

create tinder account without phone number

The question is “is there any way you can use Tinder without your mobile number”?

You must be wondering why people would want to use this dating app without registering their phone numbers. Well, there can be many legit reasons why you may want to use Tinder without your mobile number.

Perhaps, you do not want this dating app to collect your personal information.

How to Create Tinder Without Phone Number

First things first, you could sign up on Tinder either via your phone number or Facebook account. You could simply register an account on Tinder with your Facebook account. That would be the easiest way to avoid getting your number out.

However, the company has recently changed its policy and made it mandatory for everyone to use their mobile number when signing up on the platform. This leaves you with only one option – registering an account on Tinder using an alternate number. You can use the phone number you do not use frequently to sign up for a Tinder account. This will help you register an account on the platform without having to share your personal information.

If you have already signed up with your real phone number, there is not much you can do to get it removed. The main reason why Tinder needs your phone number is to verify your account.

The app uses this information for two-factor authentication. You get an instant notification from the app when someone tries to use your login details to sign in to your Tinder account. You also receive a verification code that you must enter when signing into Tinder.

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