Living your dream life in Emaar Properties, South Dubai

Emaar Developers are pacesetters in the Dubai real estate market. There are newly built international standard grandeur properties in Emaar South for investment. To preview these and surf for the best, please read more on the official website

Fun facts about Emaar Properties, South Dubai

Life in Emaar South in Dubai has many beautiful side attractions and impressive outing locations. Here are some fun facts about the Emaar Properties, South Dubai:

  • It is located on the outskirt of Dubai but has splendid connectivity with all other parts of Dubai. The Emaar Properties, South of Dubai, has about ten towers of varying types of properties, from single-bedroom apartments to large villa houses.
  • Located close to an 18-hole golf course and an opportunity for various sports, you can watch or participate in whatever suits you as an immigrant.
  • Pools, barbecue, and children hotspots are amply available in abundance. You can take the family to any of the twenty parks, stop by the community pools, prepare a barbecue for the family back home, etc. There is no limitation as to enjoyment.
  • It is a high-profile area – a square meter is going for between 1000 AED per SQM to 3000 AED per SQM. The cheapest district in Emaar south is Greenview 2; Urbana I, II, and III, and lastly, the Golf views where you can get a single bedroom up to 3 bedrooms for about 1200 AED per square meter while the most expensive property types are villas cost between 1 800 AED to 3 000 AED.

Having spoken about all of the plenty of enjoyment that one can have in Dubai, especially in Emaar Beachfront properties, it is important to discuss some of the silent but hard truths that many bloggers deliberately avoid. Please be informed that the next portion does not aim to scare you but rather to shed light on the cultural differences and what you should expect while living in any of Dubai’s towns.

Things you didn’t know could get you into trouble in Dubai

Dubai could be a very fun place and an alive city where everything is beautiful, but you better be careful, or that beauty could bite. The worse place to be in Dubai is on the wrong side of the law. Try as much as you can to be on a good note.

a. Not following Traffic rules – ignorance of the law is not an excuse in Dubai. Even as an ex-pat, you are expected to familiarize yourself with the laws of the land, and if you have obtained a driving license, please read all the road traffic regulations and make sure you abide by them. Otherwise, you will not be able to explain the myriads of fines and sanctions that will be charged to your account frequently. Road users can easily report each other, and that person you broke the law for may even report you. So try all your best to stick to traffic regulations. Also, no matter what happens, do not show road rage. If someone offends you, call on the police and stand by.

b. Do not breach your visa rules – Or you are on your way back to your home country. One of the easiest ways to break this rule is by working without a work permit. Or by taking employment from an unregistered and unrecognized company. The law will not permit your ignorance as to the status of the company you work for, so carry out your investigation about your proposed employer before you agree to work for them.

c.Lovers Time Out – Kissing and petting or overly expressive public display of affection is frowned upon in Dubai. Being a Muslim state, the people are much more conservative with their display of love in public. A Muslim woman wouldn’t even show her hair, let alone accept a kiss in public. These are cultural discrepancies between the west and the middle east. You know what they say, when you are in Rome, you behave like a Roman. So, keep all the affections until private time.

d. Do not openly discuss religious views and opinions – in order words, refrain from openly criticizing Islam, especially during Ramadan. Being an Islamic state, such criticism may be seen as an attempt to incite violence. Also, you can eat in public whenever you live, but you should avoid eating in public during the holy month of Ramadan (now being observed in March 2023). Yea, you do not have to be a Muslim, but to avoid trouble, snack it out and return home for a meal.

e. You can smoke in public – but only in designated spots. There are many of these spots all across the city, but smoking anywhere else could get you into trouble. DO NOT DRIVE if you have tasted a pint of alcohol because if you are caught, you will end up in jail. Lastly, for your own sake do not be caught with any prohibited drugs or substances.

And in summary

Finally, try as much as possible to be abreast with the laws of the land as they are amended from time to time. Indigenes can afford to make some mistakes and get away with it, but migrants do not have that much leverage.

A dream place to live with your family – Emaar South in Dubai.

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