How to Check Who Created Facebook Account (Updated 2023)

Find the Owner of a Facebook Account: Facebook has billions of active accounts, but most of these profiles are created by fake users. There could be many reasons why people create fake profiles. For starters, they may set up an account just to stalk people or distribute promotional content without revealing their identity. They might also set up a fake Facebook page for testing and spamming purposes.

find who created facebook account

People who love socializing might end up connecting with fake account users. Because there is really no way you can know if the profile is real or fake.

Usually, people detect fake and real profiles by checking the account.

For example, a Facebook account with a missing profile picture or no posts can be a sign you are following a fake user.

The question arises, “how to know who created Facebook account?” or “how to find out who created a Facebook page?”

In this guide, you’ll learn how to check who created Facebook account and identify the owner of the fake Facebook account.

Why Do You Want to Find the Owner of a Facebook Account?

Sometimes, you simply want to know whether the account is run by a fake or a real user. Unfortunately, there is no fake account profile detecting tool that could tell you who owns a Facebook account.

That doesn’t mean you can’t know the owner of the account. The process is quite simple.

All you have to do is watch the account closely. See if it is run and managed by someone who looks authentic or who posts consistently. A person who keeps updating stories and posts unique content is highly likely to be an original user.

On the other hand, you may want to know the owner of the business profile for collaboration.

Let’s say you have a brand and you are interested in collaborating with the owner of the Facebook account. For this, you need to know who created the account. That’s because the business profiles usually have a photo of the brand and the details of the products and services the company offers.

How to Check Who Created Facebook Account

Method 1: Find Out Who Owns a Facebook Account from About Us

Log into your Facebook account and type the name of the person you’d like to search on Facebook in the search bar. Click on the profile of the target user and in the about us section, you will find more details about the owner of the account.

find who created facebook account

If it’s a business page and you are not sure who created the profile, read the about us details or send them a message on email asking about the owner.

The about us page has nearly every detail about the person who created the account. From the things they like to the places they have visited recently to the address of their current business, you name it and this section has information about it.

Method 2: Find their Facebook IP Address

Facebook IP Address Finder by iStaunch is your perfect tool for finding out the IP address and current location of the target user. All you have to do is submit their profile name or username in the given box and tool will provide you the IP address of their profile.

After you obtain the IP address, enter it into IP Address Tracker to find their current location on Google Maps.

You can also use the IP grabber tool to find the current location of the target user. All you have to do is befriend the person you suspect has a fake profile, send them a link that you are sure they will click, and collect their IP address on the IP grabber tool.

This will tell you the network they are using for Facebook. Match this information with their about us to know if the location they have mentioned on their Facebook page matches with their IP address.

This may not give you details of who owns the account, but at least you will know where the user is based. This trick does not work if the owner of the Facebook account is using VPN. Besides, there is no guarantee that the user will reply to your messages on Facebook, let alone click on the link sent by you.

Method 3: Observe Their Facebook Profile

So, if you want to get more information about the actual account owner, you need to find out who the owner is.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Type the name of the account in the Facebook search bar
  • Click on the Info option to learn more about the company and the team
  • Find the email address, contact number, address, and other contact-related information mentioned on the about us page.
  • Email the team or call the number to connect directly with the owner.

Alternatively, you can research the brand on the internet to find out who the owner of the company is and get the details of the owner from Google My Business. If it’s a popular store or a service provider, chances are you can find the details easily. You always have the option of sending an email to the owner or giving them a call if you can’t connect.

Method 4: Perform Google Image Seach

The reverse image search is a great way to identify a fake user profile on Facebook. All you have to do is copy the profile picture of the Facebook account user and paste it on the Google Image search.

If the account is original, the results will display the Facebook account profile of this user or if they have used someone else’s profile, you will get the details of who’s in the profile.

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