How to See Who Unfollowed You on Facebook

Unfollowing someone on Facebook is not at all uncommon, especially given the current scenario where heated debates and bitter virtual conflicts are swelling up every time on Facebook. The one simple piece of advice, in this case, must be: You must learn to accept that just like you don’t like every person you meet on social media, someone may not like you too and it is better to accept that and be comfortable with it. But human beings are forever thirsty for information.

who unfollowed you on facebook

Even if you don’t care about the post effects of being unfollowed, there is an urge in every Facebook user to at least know the people who java followed them. This is one of those typical Facebook hacks that not many people know but the sooner you know the easier it will be to quench your anxiety.

How to Know Who Has Unfollowed You on Facebook?

To check who has unfollowed you on Facebook, you can abide by two processes: one is pretty straightforward and can be aptly designated as the manual process. The other one is a bit complex and can be designated as an automatic process.

Let us start with the easier version first:

Step 1: Go to your friend list. Simply, go to your profile page and tap on the option “Friends”. Now your friend list will be visible to you

Step 2: Manually search for the person who you are suspecting has unfriended you. If the person’s name does not appear on the friend list, then you can be somewhat sure of your suspicion.

However, before jumping to a conclusion, also remember that there is a possibility the person might have deactivated or deleted their Facebook account.

Coming to, how to check if someone has simply unfollowed you you need some extra hacks. If a person has simply unfollowed you, then they will still appear on your friend list and by scrounging through the friend list you will still find them visible. However, that will be a deception because, in reality, the person has unfollowed you. To check who has unfollowed you, follow these steps:

  • Go to your profile page
  • Tap on the tab labeled as “More”
  • Now tap on the “Followers” option.
  • Now check for the person whom you are suspecting has unfollowed you.

If you don’t find the person on the list, that means you have been unfollowed by the person. Now, understand the key fact here. Unfriending a person automatically involves unfollowing but vice versa is not true. If you don’t find a person’s name in your friend list, that indicates the person has unfriended you and it involves unfollowing as well. A person who has unfriended you has automatically unfollowed you. If you don’t find the person’s name in the friend ist of yours there is no need to check the name in the follower’s list because it won’t be.

However, if you find the person’s name on the friend list, yet you are suspecting something fishy, you have to check the follower’s list to make sure that the person is just your friend or following you as well. It is a simple equation yet many people are simply unaware of this wow fact.

Let us not forget the last option, if you find the person;’s name anywhere (either on friends list or followers list) and you don’t even find their profile when you search for them on Facebook, it is very evident that either the person has blocked you or has deleted their Facebook account.

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