Why Can’t I See “Last Active” on Facebook Messenger

Facebook was perhaps the OG of social media. After Orkut and Hi5, it was Facebook that came to the scene and soon took over the social media space completely. I think no millennial can deny the power and influence of Facebook in their growing up/teenage years. We all have our share of sweet, bittersweet, nostalgic memories associated with Facebook. With billions of users and a relatively proportional chunk of personal data, of all those people, Facebook is the greatest repository of data information.

can’t see last active on facebook messenger

In light of that, this application continues to come up with various ways to secure and safeguard user information. It is a responsibility that is implicitly incumbent on all social media platforms to reinforce to safety and security features to protect the interest of the users.

Facebook messenger is another interesting part of the Facebook page that allows users to connect with their friends and family in a more personal way. Through a Facebook messenger, you can message a person and inquire about their well-being, whereabouts and simply make social yet personal communications.

Most of us are familiar with the ‘last active’ status of a person on Facebook messenger. It is usually displayed below the name of the person when you open your private chat with them. If the person is online them their profile picture will have a green dot next to it implying that the person is online. But at times, you might not be able to see that the ‘Last active’ status of the person.

Why Can’t I See “Last Active” on Facebook Messenger?

We are going to talk about various reasons behind why cannot you see the last active status of a person on Facebook messenger.

1. Turning Off the ‘Active status’

This is the most common reason for not being able to see someone’s active status on Facebook messenger. Facebook has a huge array of security and safety settings and one of them allows the user to restrict their active status on Facebook.

Here’s how you can:

  • Opening Facebook messenger.
  • Click on your profile pic there.
  • You will see an option called ‘Show your active status’.
  • You can turn that off in case you wish to hide your active status from people.

If a person has just posted something and you cannot see their ‘last active status’ then they have most probably turned off their active status on Facebook messenger.

2. Blocking

Another reason behind not be able to see someone’s active status on Facebook Messenger could be because they might have blocked you. It is very easy to block a contact.

  • Just go to the person’s profile you wish to block.
  • Below the person’s profile picture on the right side you will be able to see three horizontal dots.
  • Just click on them and you should be able to block the person by choosing ‘block’ from the list of options that are displayed.

You can actually check if you are blocked by asking a friend or relative who might be common between you and the person who might have blocked you to check their active status. If they are able to see the ‘last active status’ of this person on their Facebook then you are definitely blocked. Once that person unblocks you, you can see their ‘last active status again.

3. The Person Hasn’t Come Online

If a user hasn’t come online for the last 24 hours then, there is a high chance that Facebook messenger might not be able to detect their ‘Last active status’.

4. Check If your ‘Last Active’ Status is Turned On

If your ‘Last active’ status is turned off then you will not be able to see the last active status of other people on Facebook messenger. On order to check that

  • Open your Facebook messenger.
  • Tap on your profile picture.
  • Make sure that the ‘Show your active status’ is turned on.


There might be a wide variety of reasons behind not being able to see someone’s ‘Last active status’ on Facebook messenger. Though blocking might be a possibility but if you can see the rest if the posts and profile of the person then that person has either remained inactive on Facebook for more than a day or he/she has disabled their ‘Last active’ status.

The only thing you can do to make sure that the last active status of your friends/family is displayed is that you can turn on your own last active status on Facebook messenger to stay abreast with other people’s status.

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