Why Can’t i See When Someone Was Last Active on Messenger and How to Fix it?

Why Does Active Status Disappear on Messenger: Just like Whatsapp and other social networking apps, Facebook Messenger allows you to check the last time someone was active. This data gives you the details of the user’s last seen when they were last active and whether they have checked your latest messages or not.

can’t see last active on facebook messenger

For instance, if someone checked their Facebook Messenger 20 minutes ago, it would be “active 20m ago”.

You must be already familiar with this feature if you have been using Messenger for some time now. You can open the chat with the user and see the active status right below their username.

If you see a green dot right next to their username, it indicates that they are currently online on Facebook. But what if you open a chat box and see no activity status?

You might still be able to see the green dot, but that’s only when they come online. What if the user is not currently active on Facebook Messenger and you can’t see their last seen status as well?

It is important to note that the Last Seen status may not be visible to everyone. You might not be able to see a user’s “last seen” simply because they have disabled it.

So, before we get to how you can fix the “last active” not showing on Facebook Messenger, let’s take a look at the reasons why you can’t see when someone was last active on Messenger.

Later, we will take a look at a few easy and effective tips for resolving the issue. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Can’t I See When Someone Was Last Active on Messenger?

There are mainly three reasons why you are unable to see someone’s last seen status. The first is they have disabled their “last seen status” for users and the second is they have blocked you.

1. Last Seen Status Disabled

The first and the most common reason why you can’t see someone’s last seen status on Facebook is that they have turned it off. They must have disabled it simply because they don’t want others to know the last time they were active.

This happens when the user has disabled the “shown when you are active” setting. Facebook has a privacy feature that enables users to hide their last seen activity from others. If you disable this feature, nobody can track the last time you saw Facebook chat.

At the same time, disabling this function means you will no longer be able to see others’ last seen status. You can turn this feature on if you want to see others last seen and want others to see your last seen activity.

2. You are Blocked

Similarly, if the user has blocked you on Facebook, you cannot see any activity of the user. You can’t see their last seen, profile picture, stories, posts, and anything if they have blocked you on Facebook.

You can try it with a friend. Block your friend on Facebook and ask them if they can see your active status or not. They can’t even see the green dot near your username if you are online. The user has to unblock you on Facebook for you to be able to see their last seen status.

The question is how do you know if you are blocked?

For starters, you can’t see the profile activity of the target. Whether it is their profile picture, last seen, or stories. You cannot get any details about the person that has blocked you on Facebook.

You can try to video call them on Messenger to see if you are blocked or not. If the call does not connect, and their display picture isn’t visible to you, it is a sign you are blocked.

3. User Actually Not Active on Facebook Messenger

You are unable to see the Facebook last seen status of someone because the user might have been inactive on Messenger for a long period. For example, if the person has not used Facebook for the past few weeks, their last seen status will not be visible to you. Basically, Facebook shows the last seen status of a user if they were active in the past 24 hours.

How to Fix “Last Active” Not Showing on Facebook Messenger

There are a few things you can do to see the last seen status of the user. Depending on the reason why you are unable to see the profile, here are the best ways to resolve the issue.

1. Enable the Active Status

You can try turning the active status on and off a few times to fix the problem. Sometimes, there is a bug that causes the issue, making it difficult for you to check others’ activity status.

Check if your last seen active status is on. That’s because you cannot see someone else’s last seen if you have turned that option off. As mentioned earlier, if you don’t allow others to see your last seen, you cannot see others’ last seen as well. So, you must keep your active status toggled on. Here is how you can do that:

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