How to Get Notification When Someone is Online on Facebook

Facebook is a trending social media app that continues its fame around the world. You can use it from an app, browser, and newly released apps in macOS and Windows 10. It takes a long time to wait for someone to comes online and then get no updation for getting them online. It would be easy for us to get an app that notifies us whenever we are in need of someone to get online.

get notification when someone is online on facebook

The scenario also changes when the person comes online but he or she doesn’t want to show that they are online. They have enabled privacy settings.

The best indicators are the status icon on Facebook and can notify whenever the friend comes online. If they are hiding from chat, you can even send them a message asking them to come online.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t offer any built-in feature to get notified when your friend comes online.

But don’t worry anymore, there are quite a few third-party apps available for both Android and iPhone devices to get notified when someone comes online on Facebook as well as Facebook Messenger.

Here, you can find a complete guide on how to get notifications when someone is online on Facebook and Messenger.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to Get Notification When Someone is Online on Facebook

To get notification when someone is online on Facebook or Messenger, install the Online Notifier for Facebook app on your phone and open it. Enter your friend’s Facebook username and tap on the active. That’s it, now you will get notified on Facebook when they come online.

Facebook Online Notification Tracker Apps

1. Online Notifier for Facebook

Online Notifier for Facebook works better than any other app. In a bunch of apps that give you online tracking, this app is far better and simple to use. You just have to click the + sign to choose friends from whom you want to receive the alert when they get online. By starting to add the friend, you will get a notification from the app whenever they get online.

2. Fav Alert (iPhone)

Fav Alert apps can track the friends in the same way Online Notifier for the Facebook app does. You won’t get a notification for anyone but for everyone whom you want to be notified.

It’s a win-win situation in this case as you can escape from the one whom you don’t want to see you online. Set a reminder for the friend whom you wait to get online and let the app does the rest of the work. You need to sign in and take a grant from Facebook permission.

3. Chat Alert for Facebook

is an app that informs you when the user will get online. This app is free up to a certain time and starts taking charge after some days or months. This app allows making 10 friends free and then they receive alerts whenever someone gets online. A single alert will be received by the app whenever a single person gets online. These alerts can also be customized by the app itself.

It’s easy to miss some others who will be online at the same time. You don’t get to talk to someone instantly while you are on chat. Chat Alert fulfills its purpose effectively when a niche of users requires its services. You can just even scroll into the app and find out who has got online in hundreds of online friends.

4. Desktop – Pidgin

Pidgin is used by setting up the plug-in. Pidgin shows your friends from the messengers just taking a sort of time to show the list of friends. If you want to get an alert open a conversation with the person you want to see online. Go to Conversation>Add buddy Pounce. Select signs on’s by saving them on the windows. When the contact is online, you will get a pop-up in that you can enter a message in the pop-up notification field.

A Pidgin alert window will appear when the contact is online. To show up, it takes a second or two. The alert is on a per-buddy basis. You can also configure some of that. It is possible that you can set a pounce alert for some Facebook Messenger friends. Under these services, you can create a contact alert. These services can be used with other chat services. If you want to get online alerts, Pidgin should be running on your desktop. Users can come online and go offline within seconds so you have to be alert every time.

There are several other apps, that show whether the person is online by many mediums. You just have to stay alert and online.

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