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Facebook Name Checker: Facebook is a hugely popular social media platform that has sustained the test of time remarkably well. The social media platform has grown far and wide and fast to stand as everyone’s favorite app. The initial onboarding or the Sign-Up process of Facebook is also quite simple and can be completed without too many wrong turns.

facebook username availability

A user just needs to open facebook.com or download the Facebook app from their android or iPhone. Enter the required details such as name, username, password, email address, and all the usual information before they kickstart the process of creating their profiles on Facebook.

The usernames of Facebook deserve a special mention because these usernames are always to be kept in mind even after a user joins Facebook and especially from the time after a user joins the platform.

This is because they don’t just have to remember their own usernames but have others’ usernames at the tip of their tongue to open Facebook accounts anytime they want without any hassles.

However, all of us have definitely seen all the hassles we have to face while creating our own usernames. Yes, it is a hectic job indeed for anyone new to Facebook.

Therefore, we have decided to help all of them who want to join Facebook for the first time or rejoin the app again and are already familiar with the pain they need to go through while ransacking for a username that is unique and fits their persona.

You can use Facebook Username Checker by iStaunch to check if the Facebook username is available or not.

Facebook Username Checker

Facebook Username Checker by iStaunch is a free online tool that helps users to check whether a username is available for registration or not. Enter the desired Facebook username in the given box and tap on the submit button.

Facebook Username Checker

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How to Check Facebook Username Availability

Method 1: Facebook Username Availability Checker

  • Open Facebook Username Checker by iStaunch on your phone.
  • Enter your desired Facebook username in the given box.
  • After that tap on the submit button.
  • That’s it, next you will see whether a username is available or not.

Method 2: Check Facebook Username Availability

  • Go to the Facebook website and log in to your account.
  • For a personal profile, go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture in the top left.
  • For a Facebook Page, go to the Page you manage.
  • On a personal profile, click on the “More” option below your cover photo and select “Edit Profile.” Then, click on “Edit your about info” and scroll down to the “Username” section.
  • On a Page, click on “Settings” at the top right of the Page. In the left column, click “Username.”
  • Enter the desired username in the provided field.
  • Facebook will automatically check the availability of the username. If the username is available, you will be able to proceed with the change.

Why Should You Have a Unique & Memorable Facebook Username?

A unique username is mandatory for every user that they need to come up with to get smoothly onboarded on Facebook. Such a username mentioned earlier will not only have the user unique and distinct amongst thousands of other users on the social media platform but also help them find themselves addressed with something cool and unique to boast of!

The benefits of choosing a good Facebook username simply cannot be stressed enough, which is why Facebook has decided to make it mandatory thing for new users.

Whether it is for your business page or your personal page, a username will make it easy for you to be founded on the platform. A good username ransacks the results in seconds and discovers you as a prominent Facebook user, which adds to the credibility of course, along with helping you or somebody else spend less time on your account or for your account.

In case yours is a business account, the username shall stand as more important than ever, simply because your username is the only basic data that they will tend to know of you. Therefore, if your username turns out to be something really common, too long, or too boring, then you might be walked by your potential customers, who will then perhaps turn to your competitor or whoever they will find easy to access and approachable.

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