How to Remove Phone Number from TikTok 2020

Remove Phone Number from TikTok: This is a complete guide on how to remove your phone number from TikTok.

In fact,

These are the same strategies you can use to change or update phone number in your TikTok account.

So if you want to unlink the number and email address then you will love this guide.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

Remove Phone Number from TikTok

TikTok has millions of active users’ and tries their best to make interesting and engaging videos to build loyal follower-base. The popular content creator tag can be achieved overnight.

remove phone number from tiktok
Remove Phone Number From TikTok

Yes, you read it right! It doesn’t take long for skilled people to gain the attention of their audience. All they need to do is upload useful and entertaining videos.

It also allows you to watch and Download TikTok Videos or share them with your friends, but you need to have an active account.

If you are using TikTok for time pass then you must have created an account. Like any other social networking site, registering an account with TikTok needs your name, phone number, and email address.

While the platform keeps all your sensitive information safe and confidential, the question is why does it need your phone number in the first place?

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If you haven’t noticed it yet, every user to link their number. But, what if you suddenly decide to remove from your account.

In such cases, users can remove their number from the settings of the app. Here’s how you can:

How to Remove Phone Number from TikTok

  • Open the TikTok app on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Click on the menu icon at the top and select Manage My Account.
  • Select the number and it will ask you to verify it via OTP.
  • Next, provide a new number to remove the existing one.
  • You can go to Receive SMS Online for fake numbers.
  • Copy any number and paste it in the box provided.
  • Click on send OTP and open Receive SMS Online page for OTP.
  • Type 4 digit code and tap on the verify button.
  • That’s it, your number successfully removed.
remove phone number from tiktok

Make sure that the information you have linked to your account will not be disclosed to your fans or other users. As mentioned before, the platform keeps all your private information confidential.

So, if a lack of privacy is the reason why you are deleting your number from this platform, rest assured that no one can fetch your details from the server.

Why Do You Need to Add Phone Number?

When signing up with this social site, you may need to submit your contact details. Basically, TikTok links your phone number to your account for many reasons.

This is done to ensure that each user creates only one account. It only accepts the authentic users who have only one account on the platform.

So, it’s used to determine the authenticity of your account. Imagine how many accounts people would create on TikTok if the site didn’t have the verification concept.

You cannot have multiple verification options. This means a user can have only one account on the platform.

Similarly, there are some desperate people who create many accounts to gain followers. This consumes unnecessary server space, making the application less reliable.

Overall, it is completely fair for a popular social site like to collect the user’s details. This ensures that every user gets to create only one account.

Final Words:

I hope guys now you can easily remove phone number from your TikTok account. In case if you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to comment below.

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