How to Find Someone’s First Video on TikTok

TikTok has seriously rocked the social media world, and its reach is growing by the minute! Be honest, did you honestly think the app would become so popular when it first came out? Well, we guess it has exceeded all expectations because thousands of individuals are signing up daily to join this exciting community. Have you wondered what is the key to the app’s popularity? There isn’t much there other than a bunch of good clips and a creator’s creative genius! Of course, the bite-sized content keeps the users focused, too!

find someone's first video on tiktok

This blog will address one of the most commonly asked questions on TikTok! We’ll discuss how to find someone’s first video on the platform.

Finding someone’s very first video is undoubtedly a route full of curiosity. Why? Well, you see, the app is primarily made to offer you the latest content you would enjoy.

So, the question is, does the platform allow locating debut videos, and if not, what should we do? Let’s read the blog to find out the answers to these questions!

How to Find Someone’s First Video on TikTok?

There isn’t a button or feature on TikTok that makes it easy to locate someone’s first video. So, if you expected the app to handle this option easily, you’d be disappointed. We have devised strategies to help you, so it’s not a hopeless case.

Do you want to know what these methods are and how they work? Well, you’ve got to read the sections below to find it out.

Scroll manually

Scrolling through a user’s TikTok profile is time-consuming, but this method works! Your scrolling will ultimately take you to the person’s earliest video if you are patient throughout the procedure.

Here’s how it works if you’re willing to follow the instructions:

Step 1: Launch TikTok after unlocking your device.

Step 2: Go to the profile of the desired TikToker.

Step 3: Continue to scroll down until no more videos are available for viewing at the bottom of the video collection.

You’d see the first-ever TikTok video of the person.

Ask the TikToker

Another recommended strategy is asking TikTok users for the earliest video clips they’ve released on the platform. Who, after all, knows the content better than the one who shared them?

However, you must remember a few pointers for the approach to be comfortable for you and the TikTokers. Forcefully asking this straightforward question is not the appropriate course of action, so make sure you sneak into their DMs and be nice in your approach.

Additionally, make sure you regularly interact with their content before hitting them with your curiosities. Asking these questions at random might not always be useful.

Make sure you are also prepared for an unfavorable result. At times, even TikTokers may not remember correctly about their first TikTok content, which causes the strategy to fail. They may not see your DMs either, but that’s okay because we have other approaches, too.

Check other social media websites

Do you know about cross-promotion on social media sites? You undoubtedly understand what we’re talking about if you use various social media. After all, cross-promotion is something that a growing number of content creators, including those on TikTok, are excited to carry out.

It actually refers to using multiple platforms to reach a wider audience to promote content and go viral. So, why not see whether the target TikTokers shared their first-ever TikTok video on their other social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter? It’s not unusual for creators to promote older work, so your strategy could work well.

Ensure you follow them on their other social media accounts if they’re private! Check if they have asked their Twitter followers to check out their oldest content or pinned it on Instagram!

Third-party websites: Are they useful?

Most users frequently use third-party tools or websites when the official app lacks a particular feature, correct? But just because an approach has become standard in the tech industry doesn’t mean it always works.

There are also issues because most platforms firmly ban users from using these websites. You’ll risk getting your account blocked or suspended if you repeatedly attempt to use this website! So, try not to use them all the time, even if you’ve succeeded in bypassing the terms and services of the platforms.

Also, certain apps are dubious and just aim to steal information, which is another major risk you should avoid. For instance, the website can promise to assist you in finding the very first TikTok video of a particular person just to steal your information! Hence, it is best to avoid falling for these tempting traps and continue using the other strategies we have already covered.

Can you order your TikTok videos by date?

It would have been easier to even discover the earlier videos if the TikTok videos could be arranged by date, don’t you think? Many users of this amazing platform have been curious, and we’re here to clear up the confusion.

Sadly, it’s not a possibility on the platform. The platform’s algorithms are mostly used to organize stuff, focusing on videos that it thinks would interest users the most. You can count on the available methods to view your desired content until the app offers this feature!

In the end

That’s it, folks; we’re here to wrap up our discussion. You might have realized it’s difficult to track down someone’s first TikTok video. However, the available workarounds will ultimately be able to assist you! Thus, we advise you to test the methods and see whether they provide you with the results you’re looking for!

Rest assured that if TikTok ever decides to add such a feature to the platform, we will be the first to inform you. If you have questions or doubts, please use the comments section below. We’ll do our best to respond to you or create a separate blog if needed. Make sure to follow our website to stay up-to-date on all tech-related tips and tricks.

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