What Does it Mean When Someone Says “I Admire You”?

Admire, a verb in the English language meaning, carries with it a note of positive emotions! It typically means “regard with respect or warm approval.” Sounds pleasing to the ear, doesn’t it? After all, who doesn’t want to be regarded with admiration, an integral human emotion?

what does it mean when someone says i admire you

Admiration deepens bonds between people, encourages relationships, and widens your social network. The expression “I admire you” is something we frequently hear others say, isn’t it?

But what exactly does it mean is the question. Does this short phrase also linger in your mind? Why don’t you read the blog to find out what people mean when they admire you?

What Does it Mean When Someone Says “I Admire You”?

Let’s say you’ve dedicated your entire life to working tirelessly for the good of the children! It’s an exhausting journey that requires sacrifice, dedication, and struggles. One beautiful day, that one child matures, returns to you, and presents you with a note saying, “I admire you.”

How would that make you feel? Exactly like a warm blanket on a chilly night and a comforting hug when you need it? We feel you since just saying these few words can boost your self-esteem and confidence.

But those on the receiving end of this phrase would know that admiration is a two-way street. We don’t always admire those around us. We save it for the special few who have made an eternal impression on our hearts and minds throughout time.

At its heart, admiration will always be about respect and sincere approval. The excellence, though, is in the fact that it wears varying colors in different relationships, as we’ll show below.

Romantic bonds

If you’re in a healthy relationship with your lover, you probably say and hear “I admire you” a lot. The words carry a strong sense of love, ignite the flame, and tighten your bond.

Besides, this compliment shows you pay attention to their efforts, compassion, and witty nature- qualities that go beyond their outward appearances.

Here’s how people use this phrase:

  1. I admire the way your generosity shines even when you are going through a difficult time.
  2. I admire your courage and determination for this task.
  3. I admire how witty you are.


Isn’t friendship the most beautiful form of connection? You don’t share blood, but one day, you just decide to grab someone’s hand and put your entire trust in them.

If you’ve heard your best friends say they admire you, well, they’re keepers! It means that they have immense respect, confidence, and love for you. You don’t throw these compliments if you’re not deeply fond of them or their work.

Here’s how people use this phrase:

  1. I admire you because you’ve always been there for me.
  2. I admire your honesty because sugarcoated words make me nauseous.
  3. I admire how creative you are, bud!


Nothing beats earning a simple I admire you from your parents or siblings! After all, you know getting an I love you, or you’re so cool is easier, right? So, when you get this compliment, it means your parents are proud of you and believe in your potential and passion. These compliments can genuinely help with your self-esteem!

Here’s how people use this phrase:

  1. I admire how well-tempered you are with your younger sister.
  2. I admire how loved you make everyone in the family feel.
  3. I admire how honest and elegant you’ve grown over time.

Professional circle

Everyone wants to be acknowledged, respected, and appreciated by their boss or coworkers, isn’t it? You know what? The words “I admire you” can brighten your day and encourage you to check off all the professional praise-receiving checkboxes you must have.

When you get such praise, it signifies that your coworkers, whether they are juniors or seniors like your supervisor, respect your manners, work ethic, and abilities. This is why receiving praise like this is always satisfying.

Here’s how people use this phrase:

  1. I admire your quick decision-making when the company needs it.
  2. I’ve heard about your promotion; I admire how hardworking and deserving you are.
  3. I admire you as my role model.

Idol-fan relationships

Your idols might be anyone—a performer, athlete, politician, or even a writer of a book! Nowadays, it’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t have an idol or someone they look up to. You have great admiration for them as a fan, right?

Even though you haven’t really met someone, do you have an emotional connection to them? Well, their works and how they carry themselves lure you into their world.

You can convey your admiration and awe for their success by telling them, “I admire you.” Additionally, it shows your steadfast loyalty to them.

Here’s how people use this phrase:

  1. I admire your incredible dance routine because that’s honestly so difficult.
  2. I admire how straightforward you are when answering back your haters.
  3. You’ve been my idol for years now; I admire everything about you.

In the end

That’s it, folks; we are here to wrap up our discussion today. We are often moved to tears when we hear someone comment, “I admire you,” with sincerity and honesty. We’re sure you people have experienced that!

We hope you now see that the phrase is more than just a bunch of words. Use this phrase more frequently to express appreciation for someone, and you’ll observe how genuinely cheerful they get.

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