Best Responses to Nice to Meet You (Nice to Meet You Reply)

In the virtual world that we’re currently living in, the opportunity of meeting someone in person, just for the sake of it and not for an ulterior motive or reason, is becoming an increasingly rare event. Gone are the days when men would gather around their houses to discuss news and politics, and women would happily gossip about the neighborhood inside.

nice to meet you

Most people today (at least those who are working) will first ask why at the prospect of meeting someone. Do I have to? they’d wonder before saying yes. And you can’t really blame them, can you? With so much going on inside our heads, in our lives, and so many easy distractions to pass the time with, why would one ever want to step outside their comfort zone?

But the magic of meeting someone in person is an altogether different experience. Instead of reading someone’s words, listening to their voice, or seeing their picture, you get to see the real person: their various expressions, tones, twitches, and smiles. You can never know this much about someone over the phone. And only then would you truly be able to use the phrase Nice to meet you.

Believe it or not, this phrase is going to be the topic of our discussion today. In our blog, we’ll learn about what it means, why it is used, and which responses are appropriate for it.

How to Respond to Nice to Meet You (Nice to Meet You Reply)

Understanding why someone might be saying something to you is the first part of figuring out what to respond with. The second part is responding itself, for which you’ve come seeking help from us and help you’ll find.

Below, we have curated several responses to Nice to meet you that you could use in different situations. Don’t forget to read their context before moving ahead though:

“I’m glad you had a great time. Makes today a success.”

Suppose you were planning a fun outing with your crush. And at the end of the day, they part ways with you, saying Nice to meet you. Wouldn’t it make you ecstatic? We know for a fact that it would, but your crush might not.

If you really want to show them how much their compliment means to you, use this response. It will not merely show that you’re happy but also convey to them that you made a deliberate effort for this meeting, giving them a hint about you liking them. One stone, two birds, isn’t it?

“And to meet you. Let’s do this again sometime.”

This response is more than a mere response; it’s also a commitment, which you should only make when you’re as thrilled about the meeting as the next person. To the next person, it will appear that you enjoyed their company enough to want to do so again.

It might get their hopes up, too, which is why you should only say it when you mean it. However, by the let’s part, you’re opening up room for either one to make the next move; so, no pressure on your shoulders.

“It was lovely meeting you, too. Give me a call when you want to do this again.”

In the last response, the ball was on neutral grounds (meaning either one of you can take charge of planning the next outing). However, this response pushes the ball into their court. Wondering how?

It is because while you clearly display your pleasure at meeting them, you’re also openly asking them to call you the next time they might want to hang out. One could also see it as a declaration that you’re not going to take the next step here. All you need to do now is wait for them to make their move.

“I feel the same way about you. Let’s stay in touch.”

This response works well both for old friends as well as new acquaintances. It’s genuine, but also breezy in the sense that the next person wouldn’t find too much meaning in it. In other words, it’s the perfect response when you enjoy one meeting but aren’t particularly keen on planning the next one anytime soon.

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