Best Response to “I’m Glade You Liked It”

Appreciation is a universal language that needs no translation! In a society where negativity tends to take center stage, expressing appreciation for others is an amazing thing. Consider this: someone shows their dance routine to you that they have been practicing for a long time. You shower them with compliments once it’s over.

best response to i'm glade you liked it

Now, you’ve not only given them confidence in themselves and their dancing, but you’ve also created the possibility of a closer relationship between the two of you. Your positive vibes will attract them to you!

Honestly, complimenting others and seeing them smile is an amazing feeling. In response to your genuine compliment, they might say, I’m glad you liked it.

What would you say to that? Do you already know the answer, or are you at a loss for words? We are pleased to assist if you are stuck. Let’s get started on the blog.

Best Response to “I’m Glade You Liked It”

When someone says, I’m glad you liked it, it would be good if you could reply somehow. Just remember, you don’t have to put any pressure on yourself or think that your answers must be lengthy or, in any other manner, serve as a conversation starter. All it would be is a considerate action, which we know they would value.

Simply saying, “You’re welcome, or it’s nothing,” is acceptable too. You should look at the sections below if you want to put a bit more work into your replies.

Be a good listener and acknowledge the comment

Have you ever tried not to speak over someone else when they’re trying to talk? When someone won’t listen to you or makes everything about them, it can be rather frustrating.

When you listen, you show that you care. When you congratulate someone, and they say, “I’m glad you liked it,” pay attention to what they have to say and let them know you value their input.

You have to know how to reply sincerely! Say something along the lines of, “Thank you for your kind words!” Make sure your tone doesn’t convey that you’re about to run for your life. Perhaps if you respond to what they’ve said, the other person will feel more at ease sharing their thoughts.

Here are a few replies that can help you:

It’s great to hear that.

Oh, you should be proud of yourself.

Don’t worry about it. You deserve it.

Let them know of your genuine feelings

When you respond with something like, “I’m glad you liked it,” you show your appreciation for that person. Now, if your compliments are real, the person will feel better. Who knows, perhaps you’re relieving their anxiety ahead of their special day.

Try striking up a conversation so they feel more at ease about their day ahead. It shows that you are sincere and prepared to build a genuine connection with them.

Also, don’t you believe that when you talk about your true sentiments, you can reply in a more intimate and real way?

Here are a few replies to help you out:

It warms my heart to see you are doing so well.

What you’re doing is encouraging to me!

You are amazing, and I hope you know that.

Add context to keep the conversation going

Are you uncomfortable and lacking in social skills? Even though a lot of us find it difficult to carry on a conversation, this doesn’t have to be the case, right?

When you have the guts to congratulate someone, and they say they’re glad you liked it, the conversation seems to be over. But how about you provide some context for the discussion? It will genuinely show the other person that you are interested in the topic at hand.

For example, when someone shows you their canvas board painting, tell someone you really like painting too while giving your congratulations. You can discuss the themes and colors you like to paint.

You can discuss your favorite artists and a lot more throughout the conversation. Do you see how a little context can escalate into a meaningful conversation that lasts for many hours?

You’ll notice that adding context frequently results in deeper and maybe more intimate discussions. Thus, make an effort to pose queries about the job or occasion you’re attending. You may share your experiences when you’re talking about the subject and discover how insightful your conversation would be!

Be playful

Imagine praising your younger sister for her crocheting skills and watching as she blushes and says, “I’m glad you liked it.”

Hearing it from her is hilarious, isn’t it? You could pull her leg a little, too, as siblings usually do that. How about you do that for her?

Go with something like, You can record what I said because you probably won’t hear it from me again, or Did you get all shy and formal with me, kiddo?

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