How to Carry on Conversation With a Girl After Hi

Hi – the ultimate conversation starter in the world that works across the boundaries of language, culture, and ethnicity. This two-lettered word has led to great friendships, insightful conversations; even love and war in some instances. While Hi has made starting a new conversation with almost anyone incredibly easy, it can just as easily lead to awkward silences or typical standstills if you haven’t put any thought into the follow-ups – what you’d like to talk about or say next.

carry on conversation with a girl after hi

Now, generally, if two strangers meet voluntarily, the responsibility of taking a conversation further after Hi is shared equally by both individuals. However, as soon as the fairer sex comes into this equation, the dynamics change drastically, don’t you think?

Don’t get us wrong; we have no objections to the concept of gender equality. We’re merely saying that while equality works well on larger platforms, deep down, all the girls have a soft corner for chivalry somewhere in the nooks and crannies of their hearts.

And it is to appeal to that soft corner that boys need to put in more thought while talking to a girl than another boy. If, by any chance, this girl is your crush or fancy, the stakes are even higher for you!

We understand why you’re here, seeking our help with it, and intend to provide just that in our blog. Ready to get started?

Carry on Conversation With a Girl After Hi: How to keep her hooked?

If you were just looking for a thing to say to a girl after Hi, you wouldn’t be here. You also want this conversation to go swimmingly, don’t you?

Well, below are some generic openers you need to stay away from, followed by some decent suggestions of moving forward in the right direction. Check them out!

Stay away from generic questions

Before we offer you our suggestions, let’s talk a little about the phrases that might have come to your mind naturally. Was it something similar to the ones mentioned below?

How are you?

What are your plans of the day?

What did you eat in your last meal?

If your answer is yes, we’re afraid we’ll have to ask you to go against your instincts. This is because while these phrases are perfectly normal, they’re also incredibly common; something a girl might here from a bunch of guys in her daily life.

If you resort to such generic replies, you can’t hope to get her to respond, at least not with particular enthusiasm. Chances are, they’d award you with a boring, one-worded reply at best.

Wondering what else to say if not any of these? Be patient and bear with us a little longer to find answers.

Mention something she likes

While looking to drive any conversation further, the first and foremost rule is to talk about the likes and interests of the next person; especially if it is a girl. This is because they’re more likely to engage further when the topic of the conversation is to their liking.

For instance, if she’s a foodie, you can say:

Do you know of any decent burger joints around the city? I’m planning to take my cousins out for lunch.

I’ve such a strong dumpling craving today. Would you like to join me for the same this evening?

What’s your idea of a perfect dinner?

Alternatively, if she enjoys watching movies, here are some things you could say:

I haven’t watched a good movie in a long time. Which was the last one for you?

Which genre of movies captivates you the most?

Imagine which movie I watched last night. It’ll blow your mind away!

You get the gist, right?

Ask stimulating questions

The questions above are only valid if you have a good idea about what this girl likes. But if this is one of your first few conversations with it, you won’t be able to use any of them.

What you can do instead is ask them stimulating questions; these will not only push the conversation forward but also help you learn more about her.

Our first suggestion is this-or-that questions like these:

What do you prefer in the morning? Tea or coffee?

Are you into books or movies?

Favorite fast food? Pizza or pasta?

Answering these questions is not just super-easy for her, but will also give you more openings in terms of things to talk about.

Share interesting, but relevant facts

If you feel like asking too many questions appears more like a one-sided conversation, you can switch to facts just as easily. Just make sure they’re not too complex; stick to the basics until you know more about her.

I just read online how coffee is a natural mood uplifter. Have you had your fill for the day?

Did you know that spending time in the mountains is a great stress-reliever? I’m definitely planning my next trip to a hill station, what about you?

These facts will undoubtedly make way for more questions – or answers – from here. Notice here how we’ve stuck to basic topics like travel and coffee. Keeping it in mind, you can hunt for many more similar ones yourself!

Carrying the conversation forward on social media

Let’s narrow our scope down to social media platforms here. It’s surprising how many strangers are meeting online and totally hitting it off these days.

If you’ve met someone and are hoping for the same, here are some suggestions about carrying the conversation forward in a natural yet successful manner.

Drop the name of a mutual connection

Any time you meet someone interesting online, the first thing to check for is a mutual link. This link will not only give you something to talk about, but can also give you an insight into their past. Here are some openers you can try out:

I noticed that XYZ follows you, too. He and I were great buddies in college. How do you know each other?

Are you and XYZ friends? I met her at a youth event and have been in touch online ever since.

 Check out her profile: You can find a lot of stuff there!

When talking to someone online, you needn’t restrict yourself just to a mutual link. What if there is none? Well, a goldmine of things to talk about lies on their profile. See what kind of stuff they upload. Do they go on vacation often? Are they into art, or music, or sports? Here are a couple of examples of what you can say to her:

I just noticed that went for a trip to XYZ last year. I’ve been meaning to visit there for the longest time. What was it like?

Checked your books highlight. It seems you read a lot. I wanted to start reading myself, any suggestions?

These are just some generic examples; the more specific details you can find on her profile, the better your conversations can get. Just remember that the secret to winning a conversation with a girl is to be an active listener, giving the next person plenty of opportunity to speak.

If you’re good at it, it will naturally drive their attention to you and make them curious about your likings, interests, and hobbies eventually.

Things you shouldn’t talk about in your initial conversations with a girl

We have been talking about the DO’s all this time, but neglecting the DON’Ts is equally important, if not more. When talking to a girl, not being that interesting at first might fly, but once you say something you were not supposed to – things they take offense at – it becomes the deal-breaker for them.

They can not just ghost you but might also unfriend or block you on the platform. Yes, it’s THAT quick and easy for them. To ensure such a thing doesn’t happen to you, here are a few topics that you should absolutely steer clear of:


We know what you might be thinking – girls LOVE gossip – yes, they indeed enjoy it. Don’t we all? But there’s one crucial rule of gossiping with a girl that you must keep in mind:

A girl will only gossip with someone once they’ve gotten comfortable with someone, be it a friend or a potential crush.

If you’re still in the early stages of conversation with this girl, it’s best to avoid gossip because it’s easy to lose track of words in the flow, and if you end up saying something that she doesn’t agree with, it’s going to end up in a whole argument. You wouldn’t want to face such a row starting off, would you?

Therefore, in order to keep your conversation board smooth sailing, avoid gossip of all kinds.

Jokes that can seem offensive

Another spot where boys often go wrong with talking to girls – often without even realizing it, is offensive jokes. The first to keep in mind here is that offensive doesn’t have the same definition for girls as it does for boys.

Something you find perfectly normal could be offensive to her, which is why it’s always best to avoid jokes in the beginning altogether.

The bottom line

With this, we’re ready to wrap things up. Carrying a conversation with a girl, especially if it’s someone you like, can be difficult. We’ve done our best to help you with above. If there’s something else you’d like our help with, tell us in the comments below!

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