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It’s a strange feeling. It’s like a mixture of feelings. In fact, Feelings of discomfort, fear, and anxiety blended in proportions that are enough to do away with your peace of mind and even your night’s sleep. The cause of this feeling? An ominous dark shadow looming large over you, advancing near and near in its slow, steady pace.

sgpa to percentage calculator

That was a description of how many students feel as exams come near. For many of us, exams have always been like a dark shadow intended to engulf us in its vastness. The shadow of exams approaches, and so do the nervousness and fear that arise with it.

However, it’s not the exam that actually concerns us, but what comes after the exams: results. Now, even if you don’t fear the exams, you care about the results, right? Results are essentially what make exams meaningful. But, if you are a college student, exam results can become confusing due to SGPAs. 

SGPA is one of the most widely used grading systems in universities worldwide. Educational institutions around the world use this system to assess their students’ results and admit new students.

However, it can be very confusing to deduce your actual marks or percentage from the SGPA mentioned in your mark sheet.

It’s time to clear the confusion.

SGPA or the Semester Grade Point Average is a grading system used in the education sector around the world. It does not show the exact percentage but shows grades from A to E, which fall into a different range of percentages.

It is calculated by dividing the total credit points obtained by the student in a semester by total credit points.

To calculate SGPA, you must know the credit points allotted to each subject. These points are assigned based on the number of hours it is taught in a week, ranging from 10 to 1.

This guide will teach you how to convert SGPA into Percentage for free with the help of SGPA to Percentage Converter by iStaunch.

What is SGPA? How does it work?

Educational institutions around the world have tried to represent the students’ results in a manner that focuses more on a student’s progress rather than the exact marks or percentage scored by the student. The goal is to minimize the attention towards who scored more or scored less.

The SGPA grading system is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. SGPA- short for Semester Grade Point Average- is a grading system used by many leading universities in India and abroad. 

It’s a credit-based system of grading, meaning that your SGPA is arrived at by considering not only the marks scored in each subject but also the weightage of the subjects you study in a semester. Since the weightage of subjects may vary depending on your course, some subjects may influence your SGPA more than others.

For example, if you are majoring in Economics with English and Political Science as generic subjects, your marks in Economics will weigh (influence your SGPA) more than your marks in the other two subjects. This weightage is measured in credits: numeric values assigned to each subject in your course for each semester.

Before understanding how to convert SGPA into a percentage, let’s first understand how your SGPA is arrived at.

SGPA to Percentage Converter

SGPA to Percentage Converter by iStaunch is a simple and easy-to-use tool that lets you convert SGPA into percentage without putting students under the burden of manual calculation.


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How to Calculate SGPA?

First, multiply the number of credits of each subject by the grade point earned in each subject. After that sum it and divide it by the total number of credits. This is your SGPA.

For example,

  • The grade points earned in three subjects are: Sub 1: 9, Sub 2: 8.8, Sub 3: 7.1
  • The credit of those subjects are: Sub 1: 4, Sub 2: 3, Sub 3: 3

Now multiply grade points with credits:

  • Sub 1: 9×3 = 27
  • Sub 2: 8.8×3 = 26.4
  • Sub 3: 7.1×2 = 14.2

The sum of the grade points are: 27 + 26.4 + 14.2 = 67.6

The sum of the credits are: 4 + 3+ 3 = 10

Now divide the total grade points by total credits is 67.6/10 = 6.76, Hence your SGPA is 6.76.

SGPA to Percentage SPPU

To convert SGPA to Percentage SPPU, multiply SGPA by 10, then subtract 7.5 from the result that will be your percentage. For example, to convert 6.76 SGPA to Percentage, multiply 6.76 by 10 and subtract 7.5 from the result, the final number 60.1 is the percentage.

Basically, SGPA is the weighted average of the grade points obtained in all subjects during the semester.

The formula to calculate SGPA is given below.

sgpa to percentage


  • Ci = The number of credits in the semester
  • Pi = Grade point earned in the semester
  • i = 1,2,3……n represent the number of courses in the semester

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