SGPA to CGPA Calculator & Converter

The SGPA to CGPA Calculator & Converter by iStaunch is a simple and easy to use tool that convert SGPA to CGPA without putting students into the burden of manual calculation.

Every school and college education involves the grading system that helps in assessing the student’s performance during as well as at the end of the semesters.

sgpa to cgpa

The scores of the performance of the students or their grades are transferred into a numerical form called such as SGPA or CGPA.

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The individual grades that a student receives in the high school classes all through the year are collected to form an average grade which is a cumulative one for all of them.

SGPA to CGPA Calculator

What is SGPA

SGPA stands for Semester End Grade Point Average which is calculated by evaluating all the performances of the student till the end of the academic session. The grade points of the students in all the subjects is collected primarily for an academic year totally and their average is calculated.

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This particular value that is calculated for a year is called as SGPA. It is one way of calculating the grades, while there is another way of evaluating them is CGPA.

What is CGPA

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. The marks obtained by the student for the entire academic year is considered as CGPA.

For instance, the total marks of the 1st year or 3rd year is calculated as CGPA. If there are two sessions or semesters in a college year or if there are two examinations conducted in a year, both the marks are taken together to calculate CGPA of that whole academic year.

It is understood now that SGPA is very important for further doing the calculations for CGPA.

SGPA to CGPA Conversion Formula

There are so many college or university students want to calculate CGAP from SGPA. You can easily convert SGPA to CGPA with formula is given below.

CGPA = (Sum of SGPAs of All Semesters) / (Number of Semesters)

According to whatever that is described above about SGPA and CGPA, it is understood that many SGPAs are collected to calculate CGPA at the end of the academic year.

It is first necessary to calculate SGPA of every subject included in every session or every semester. The average score of all subjects in each of the semesters has to be calculated, which can be used later to calculate CGPA.

The total SGPA scores of all the semesters are added and then divided by the number of semesters to give CGPA. For instance, CGPA of an academic year in a college with two terms is equivalent to the addition of SGPAs of both the semesters divided by 2.

Many institutions release the scores of the students in the form of CGPA. But, when these scores have to be sent to foreign universities, they are often converted into percentages.