Why is Tinder Showing Me People Far Away?

Tinder is a powerful dating app connecting potential matches with a mere swipe, and its geo-location-based algorithm has revolutionized the way we meet them. If you’re here, there’s a good chance you already know that it is one of the first GPS-based dating applications. Tinder shares profiles of all the single users within the selected radius in your current location. However, while you may see people from your area, the feature is not always accurate. Sometimes, swiping and staring at your Tinder screen will leave you in disbelief as it displays many profiles from faraway areas of the world!

why is tinder showing me people far away

We start questioning, “Why is Tinder showing us people far away,” right?

Users frequently have no idea if the app is simply acting up or whether there are other possible causes. Let’s learn the truth behind this problem on the popular dating app right away.

Why is Tinder Showing Me People Far Away?

Nobody wants to meet a possible match on Tinder after a long time only to discover they are too far away! Now, you are unable to meet them because, let’s face it, would you really drive 1,000 miles for a person you barely know?

Okay, even if you believe in them for some reason, can everyone make it that far? No, at least not everyone is comfortable with it, in our opinion. Long-distance matches are influenced by a number of factors, which we will now address.

Reason 1: Your Tinder distance filter

Have you adjusted the Tinder app’s location and distance filters? If not, you need to do it immediately.

Keep in mind that you must remind the app’s algorithm to display individuals from specific places, which involves carefully changing the filters in your settings. Let me explain how it’s done.

Steps to adjust the distance filter on Tinder:

Step 1: Launch the Tinder app. The bottom navigation bar will provide five options.

Choose the silhouette symbol at the far right corner.

Step 2: Locate the gear icon (settings) on the following page. Please click it.

Step 3: Select the Location option under the Discovery Settings menu, which is located near the bottom.

Step 4: There are two options: My current location and Add a new location. Please adjust the location setting according to your preferences.

Step 5: Scroll to and choose the distance from the Maximum distance option. You can turn the toggle on to Only show people in this range.

Pro tip: Consider changing the Age range for more precise searches. You can disable the Global option that allows viewing folks in close proximity and from all over the world.

Now it should be easy to find your ideal companion but look into other potential explanations if your settings have already been modified.

Reason 2: You’re always on the move

The distance filter is still just that—a filter—and it’s not always accurate. Moving to other places might be a problem, even if your settings are customized to your preferences. How?

Opening the app elsewhere might skew the results since Tinder will use its location-tracking abilities to update your location.

Well, your potential matches may experience the same thing. The app will display your profile to them if they move nearby and come into your range, so you can also match that way.

Reason 3: You’ve swiped past every possible match on the list

Tinder might have exhausted all the potential match lists that you initially set. If so, it will start showing you matches based on your likes and interests when it runs out of choices. If that’s the case, you can always restart the app to assist it in finding additional appropriate matches around the places you choose.

If everything else fails, you can try adjusting your parameters to receive more matches since there aren’t enough singles in your area. Consider widening the age range for more results.

Reason 4: Tinder glitches

Are there any truly error-free dating applications? Tinder frequently has glitches, so it isn’t one of them.

You can ignore all of the potential matches that Tinder’s algorithm suggests to you if you see that the distances are off. Reset the location filters if necessary, then wait for the app to work normally.

Reason 5: Tinder is down

If none of the reasons apply to you, the app’s servers may have crashed. The app will go offline if the usual maintenance occurs, so the only option left is to wait it out.

Check your Twitter to see whether the hashtag #Tinderdown is trending, or visit their official Twitter account (@Tinder) to see if they’ve posted anything about the app going offline. Check for any time frame they have mentioned to know how long it will take for the app to operate smoothly.

Final thoughts

It’s common for Tinder to present you with possible matches from distant locations, but simple fixes can assist. It’s important to keep in mind that sometimes the circumstances aren’t in your favor, and you can run into Tinder users using the passport feature to check the potential matches in your location.

You can always swipe left on someone who isn’t on your distance radar if you don’t want to match them. Remember, Tinder will start displaying these users more frequently if you keep matching them.

Have more questions about Tinder? Kindly ask them in the comment section or visit our website to find your answers.

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