How to Earn Crypto on Binance That Doesn’t Involve Trading

The market of cryptocurrency has been evolving fast, and the crypto investment isn’t just about to purchase and holding any longer. Although holding stays to be one of the safest and best ways of investment strategies for the past decade, since the existence of Bitcoin, there has been so much scope for holding than just hold.

earn crypto on binance that doesn't involve trading

Binance Earn can be called a cryptocurrency products portfolio that has been designed for providing you with passive incomes for your idle asset. Through Binance earn you will be able to begin staking, saving, and becoming a liquidity provider on the DeFi market for earning passive incomes on stablecoins, altcoins, bitcoin, and much more. And it’s just on Binance that fiat currencies are supported for maximizing opportunities for returns.

On Binance, there are endless opportunities for growing asset holding although you aren’t involved with trading. Here we shall learn how can that be done. Presently there are several ways of buying crypto on Binance. While several people concentrate on the way trading is done, there are many ways of pursuing great deals for the crypto you own. And these deals don’t stop at buying.

There is a huge range of options available for growing the crypto holding, and this is even when one isn’t trading. Through Binance, you will have higher power for allocation the tokens for different services and activities that we are constantly launching on platforms.

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Top Ways to Earn Crypto on Binance that doesn’t Involve Trading

Here we have for you a list of the best ways for making sure you make money over the platform without the need for trading. Let’s begin without waiting any longer!

1. Get a new token through holding BUSD, BNB, or another crypto over Binance Launchpool

A few months ago, the Binance launch pool had been introduced. This is the way where you can earn crypto token through the projects that are newly launched and just needs a deposit of BNB in the liquidity pool. You are also going to earn free crypto over Binance through farming some of the BNB or other crypto on Launchpool. If you ask we shall be more than happy to discuss with you a complete guide on that as well!

2. Grow Stablecoins through Liquid Swap by Binance

Another product for liquidity pool that had also been launched on Binance is the Liquid Swap. This is the AMM (automated market maker) pool product. It is one of the unique ones with the centralized exchange. It also hosts varied pools for liquidity that also allows the users for exchanging crypto-assets and there is minimal spillage and earning a share of interest that’s generated through joining this liquidity pool.

3. Stake Token for Getting Benefits through Binance Staking

Since, the year 2019, the platform has supported a mechanism of Proof-of-stake with several cryptocurrencies over the platform. In simple words, staking the tokens over Binance will automatically provide you with benefits that you get from earning the crypto through staking programs.

Through Locked Staking on Binance, you will be able to earn additional tokens from the 25 cryptocurrencies that are currently supported and there aren’t any strings attached. This can be called figuring out a way for buying free coins over Binance, without really buying and making use of the crypto that you own already.

4. Subscribe Tokens on Locked Staking On Binance for Higher Yields

You also have the choice of exploring Locked staking on Binance and locking the tokens for as small-time as 7 days for having higher yields. There are over five ways of locked staking that you can go ahead and see. All of this has been possible because of the participating projects that have annual yields of about 16% and different ways of earning crypto-free.

5. Participating in DeFi Stakings

Through decentralized finance or DeFi, you will get to participate in your earning opportunities that have been available for tokens. For example, Binance DeFi Staking had also launched many products that provide annual yields for high as about 60%. And this can be done by using DAI, BNB, USDT, and BUSD.

6. Earning interest through saving Products on Binance

With Binance Savings, one can take a look at many saving products for storing the crypto and also earning free coins on the platform through the yield it generates. You will have the option of going with flexible savings where one can make deposits or redeem at any time. Then there is also the option of Locked Savings, where you will be able to secure the crypto for many days and then withdraw for the bigger interest payouts.

7. Store Your Crypto on Accounts for Earning From Airdrops

Presently, you can store BNB on the Binance account. You will be benefitting from just being part of the $16 million airdrops with SXP tokens. This is exclusive for Binance BNB holders. It is a 12-week program that helps you in gaining an SXP token that is proportionate to your BNB holding per week. These are the kind of opportunities that you need to constantly keep looking at in the future as well.

8. Spend by using Binance Card

Binance has given a completely new meaning to your need to spend money for earning money. Through Binance Card that has been just launched in countries like Europe and will be rolled out in several other areas as well, you are going to earn BNB rewards while you have been using it for spending over many supporting merchants across the world.

The cashback rate usually begins at one percent and the higher BNB hold you have in the account, the higher will be the rate and can go up to about 7%.

Final Thoughts:

So these were the top 8 ways by which you can also earn crypto without getting involved in trading. These are also highly recommended ways of earning higher assets over Binance, regardless of the fact if you don’t have much knowledge of crypto. So make sure that you start earning over the platform right now and if you still don’t have an account, make one right now!

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