How to Find Someone’s Location on Bumble

Nowadays, apps like Bumble and Tinder can be found on a user’s smartphone as easily as Instagram or Facebook. Such is the popularity and increase in the use of online dating apps in today’s generation. Bumble is an incredible platform for users to find potential matches and partners they can connect with. It stands out from other dating apps because of its focus on women-centric approaches. According to that, only women can make the first move when trying to initiate a conversation between two people who have matched.

find someone's location on bumble

In heterosexual matches, Bumble requires women to initiate the conversation. Once a match is made, women have the option to send the first message within 24 hours, and men have 24 hours to respond. This feature aims to empower women and let them have more control over their experience in the dating world.

In this blog, we will explore if there’s a way to find someone’s location on Bumble, and if yes, then how? Let’s get started!

How to Find Someone’s Location on Bumble?

Location is the key aspect of any dating platform; it is essentially the fundamental criteria that helps decide what profiles will be shown on your feed. Whenever you create an account on Bumble, you are asked to provide your location information.

You may wonder then how safe it is to disclose your location on the platform. You may be worried about potential stalkers who may be trying to get your location information for ulterior motives. But here’s the thing, there is no need for you to worry.

Like many other dating apps, Bumble prioritizes user privacy and does not disclose the exact location of its users. The app generally only displays approximate distances between users based on their respective location settings.

If someone on Bumble has not hidden their location, you may see a rough estimate such as Within 5 miles or Within 10 kilometers on their profile. However, this information is usually based on the user’s current location at the time of using the app and may not be their permanent or exact location.

Bumble uses your location to connect you with potential matches. As discussed above, when you first create your profile, you will be asked to provide your current location. Bumble will then use this information to show you profiles of other users who are located nearby.

However, you have the freedom to change your Bumble location at any time. For this, you will need to have a Bumble Premium subscription. To change your location, you will have to go to your profile settings and select the Location tab. You can then enter a new city or zip code.

If you are using Bumble in Travel Mode, your location will be set to the city or location you selected for seven days. During this time, you will only be shown profiles of other users who are located in that city or location.

Bumble users can choose to snooze their profiles. When a profile is snoozed, it will not be shown to other users. This can be a helpful option if you are going to be away from your phone for an extended period of time or if you are not interested in making new matches right now.

If a Bumble user has not opened the app for several days, their location may not be updated. This is because Bumble only updates user locations when they are actively using the app. Hence, the location you might be viewing is older or outdated and, therefore, unreliable.

All in all, it is not possible to find someone’s location on Bumble unless the user himself tells you about it. The privacy and security settings of the platform keep every user’s location information safe and hidden from other users.

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