How to Play Music While on Call on Android & iPhone

Many business owners and managers use an Android-based smartphone as well as iPhone while on the road to stay in touch with the office, be on the phone with a client or an employee, and check email. On occasion being placed on hold is never fun, and for some particularly busy companies, that hold time can easily end up being 30-45 minutes of waiting and twiddling your thumbs to speak with whoever is on the other end.

play music while on call

If you’re lucky, they’ll play some lame hold music or have a repetitive “we’ll be right with you” line that comes up every few minutes (or not, depending on the tunes) to help pass the time.

On the iPhone or Android, a better way to pass the time while on hold awaits you, and to get through long waits or some extremely boring phone conversation, you can play your own music or podcast instead, so you’re at least listening to something you’ve chosen.

How to Play Music While on Call on iPhone

  • While on a phone call, press the Home button to return to the home screen.
  • Launch the Music app, select a song or podcast, and press the play button.
  • Tap the green title bar to return to the phone call screen.

Music (or any audio) begins playing immediately, but instead of being output through the external speakers, it is output through the ear speaker. This prevents the music from being piped through to the other end of the phone, which means the person on the other end has no idea you’re listening to Milli Vanilli to get through their torturously boring phone calls and wait times. While on a call, you can also listen to streaming music services like Pandora or, but your iPhone must be connected to a wi-fi network or to a service provider that allows simultaneous data and voice transmission, such as AT&T.

How to Play Music While on Call on Android

Android does not allow you to play audio or music while on the phone. While there are many third party application are available on market which allow the user to do so. The application like MX player, Google play music and many more are available on market which can be installed in any android phone and user can enjoy music and audio even while attending a call or been on hold.

Simply user have to open play store available in android phone search MX player in search bar. Tab on install option available right beside the app logo install the application as soon as user download that application. Application will have music file ready to get set play.

The music’s and audio which are been available in your phone will been seen in that application. After installing the application click on setting button then there will be option of local player settings click on that as soon as you will click on local settings you have to scroll down to option of player. In player there are many option which are been ticked with blue mark user have to just untick the option play alone. After completing this process one can enjoy audio or music on call in the android version also.

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