How to Find Someone’s IP Address Through Phone Number (Phone Number to IP)

Find IP Address of Mobile Number: An IP Address, or Internet Protocol address, is a unique numerical label that helps to connect and identify your computer, smartphone, and other devices on the internet or a local network. You can use it to get lots of information, including the device’s location, where your data’s really going, and a route on how to get there.

find ip address by phone number

If you know the IP addresses, you can easily find the location where your information is sent.

IP address not only helps you to find where your data is going but also finds the current location of another user on the Internet. That’s why most people use an IP address to track someone’s location and find where they are currently.

However, you may also hide your IP address using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) so that no one can know your location, and you can browse different sites and apps anonymously.

There are several reasons why people would want to find someone’s IP address.

Many eCommerce websites and other platforms might track your IP address to know your location and provide better product recommendations. An online forum and subscription service could block you from accessing their content with the help of an IP address.

Sometimes people may receive spam or inappropriate messages and calls from an unknown phone number and want to track their location.

The question is, “Can you find IP address of mobile number”? or “is it possible to find someone’s IP address through phone number”?

Want to find out?

Read this article until the end to learn how to find someone’s IP address through phone number.

Can You Find Someone’s IP Address by Phone Number?

Unfortunately, you can’t find someone’s IP address by phone number as there is no connection between the device’s IP address and phone number. IP addresses are generally not static and may change very often, whereas a phone number is a kind of fixed assignment that the network service provider gives.

Your Internet service provider (ISP), a company that provides you Internet connections, will keep a log of IP addresses assigned to you, and they can easily find an IP address from the phone number.

Also, when you visit some websites on the Internet, and if the site collects the IP address with the exact timestamp, the police can ultimately find the IP address and track your location easily.

It is possible for the ISP, government, police, or other legal bodies if there is a probe or investigation assigned to a particular case.

Also, the IP address changes too dynamically when you turn on and off mobile data.

Phone Number to IP Address Tracker

Phone Number to IP Address Tracker by iStaunch is a free online tool that lets you find someone’s IP address from phone number. Simply enter the phone number in the given box and it will find IP address associated with the phone number.

Phone Number to IP Address Tracker

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How to Find Someone’s IP Address through Phone Number

Now that we know that it is not possible to get someone’s IP address by phone number, let us look at the alternative ways by which you can get someone’s IP address of mobile number.

  1. Phone Number to IP Address Converter by iStaunch: The Phone Number to IP Address Converter by iStaunch is a free online tool that lets you find someone’s IP address through mobile number.
  2. Borrowing Someone’s Phone: Well this might not be very helpful, but you can get someone’s IP by taking his cell phone and navigating to Settings, then About Phone, then Status, and then IP address. The path could vary depending on your phone’s brand. Or there are many online sites, that show your IP directly and you can browse one of them to get the IP.
  3. Knowing Someone’s WiFi Password: If you get to know someone’s WiFi password, you can log in to the service providers’ portal and see the IP addresses of the devices connected to that particular network.

So these were some ways of tracking someone’s IP address. But coming back to the question that led to the discussion, there is no way one can someone’s IP address by his phone number until and unless the person verbally tells his own IP address.

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