How to Find IP Address of Zoom Participants

Find IP Address of Zoom Participants: Zoom has grown into one of the popular apps in no time, especially after the pandemic. It has helped companies grow in an effortless manner. It has also made it possible for people to get plenty of tasks done smoothly. It has enabled people to have seamless conversations in a frictionless environment on mobiles, desktops, and other devices.

zoom ip address finder

People have flocked to zoom especially during pandemic just to stay in touch with their family, friends, relatives, and colleagues during these tough times.

The major advantage of zoom is that it allows people to have a 40-minute conference session with over 100 attendees for absolutely free.

You do not need to register an account to join the meeting. All it takes for the participants to attend a conference or a general video call on zoom is the invitation link.

The intuitive user interface combined with a neat design makes Zoom a perfect option for people who want to connect with their loved ones. While the app has everything it takes for businesses to connect with colleagues and get everything done in a seamless and efficient way, there are a few drawbacks that make Zoom not a perfect fit for certain meetings.

How to Find IP Address of Zoom Participants

As far as the location or an IP address is concerned, you can rest easy knowing that there is no way any participant or a person attending the meeting can view your location. No one can track your IP address or know where you are located or from where you are attending a zoom meeting.

However, the Chinese government can know your location, as Zoom is a Chinese app. It also happens to be one of the reasons why Zoom is banned in many countries. Basically, the participants cannot track the user’s location in any way. Zoom prioritizes your safety and protection. The app makes sure that users’ data is protected!

If you are concerned about people tracking your location, there is really nothing to worry about! They cannot know your location. Still, if you are concerned, you can use a VPN for zoom meetings. This will help hide your current location and make it inaccessible to others. There are no privacy risks associated with zoom meetings. However, Zoom knows your location. So, VPN will help turn off your location and hide it from your followers.

Now the question is “can you find the IP address of a zoom participant”? As mentioned earlier, the zoom does not disclose the personal information of a user to anyone. It may have access to your IP address, but it does not allow you to know the location of any other participant.

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