How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Roblox

One of the factors that can be called responsible for Roblox’s popularity is the pandemic that we are stuck in for the past two years. The platform is mainly for game creation and any user can create and play games with others people as well. Although this is mainly meant for having fun or socializing with the gamer community, there are a few people on the platform that can create issues for you. In case you had been dealing with such people as well, on your server, there is a need for making sure they stay out.

roblox ip address finder

Unfortunately, just blocking a person won’t be helpful as they always can make another account and start from the place where it all stopped! However, if you want you can also just block the IP address and then he will be off from the platform completely.

The bad news is that Roblox doesn’t provide the IP address information of its users. You will have to search for the IP address on your own. Considering the aspect that user also won’t be sharing their IP address, or a lot of people might not be aware of IP address in general, it will be on you to find it out. And all of this has to be done while making sure they don’t know about it.

Another factor that you need to be aware of is that you will need to confirm the real locations of users that you met over Roblox. Here we have all of the information that you need for finding a person’s IP address on Roblox!

Why Should I Track IP Address?

There can be times when checking on a user’s IP address might seem illegal. However, there are cases where while you have been using Roblox, getting IP address information can get critical. This will help you in having information on the person or device behind the IP address request.

Hence one will get the detail on the geo-location of another user. This won’t provide you information on a specific place, but you can get details on the city, region, postal address, and other vital information for tracking a person.

Tracking IP addresses over Roblox is also going to make sure that you have been dealing with people in real and not robots. With the internet, any data that you have saved can be mined easily. Hence, you have to be very careful about whom you are interacting with even through games.

When you have the IP address information on Roblox, it will also help in reducing instances where cyberbullying has been happening. However, in case you feel something is off-track while you are using Roblox, it will be best to get in touch with their team for making sure you stay safe.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Roblox

1. Use IP logger for Roblox

Step 1: You need to log in to your account on Roblox first. In case you don’t have an account, just create one on the website. It will be safe if you don’t use real names.

Step 2: Once, you have logged in to the account open IP Logger from the game screen.

Step 3: Now you need to enter the ID name of the other party and click on ‘Take IP’.

Step 4: The software is going to track the other person’s IP address right away.

Now you can say that you’re in a much better place in understanding the people you’re dealing with. You will be able to see the IP address of various players for feeling safe.

2. Studio Script Roblox

Step 1: First, download Roblox Studio from the link here. And then complete the installation process.

Step 2: Now log in to your Roblox account.

Step 3: Search for a drop-down menu and then click on ‘Workspace’ on the right side of the screen.

Step 4: Now look for the scripts folder.

Step 5: Now you need to enter the code we mention below in your script folder:

game.ChildAdded: connect(function(child) {
if (child: IsA(“NetworkServer”)) {
.then(child.IncommingConnection: connect(function(IP, replicator) {“StringValue”, workspace).Name = IP
print( end) end

Now, this code is going to save the IP address of Roblox players when they are entering a game with you.

Step 6: You can now save that game and then host it over the server. Each time any player is going to enter the game you will be able to see their IP address on your screen.

This can be helpful for you in making sure you stay safe from any mischief.

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