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Starting off as a minor hiccup in an already saturated social networking industry, LinkedIn has made a name for itself as a platform where professionals can socialize. You meet like-minded people, discuss and relate to their experiences, get a chance to build up your resume, and search for jobs. Despite its professional focus, the app has gained popularity among today’s youngsters. They create content and share updates about their lives with people they refer to as “connections.”

linkedin ip address finder

You are undoubtedly aware of your IP address if you use the Internet. An IP address allows one device to effectively connect and interact with another.

LinkedIn, like many other internet giants, is mindful of user privacy. People use it for wrong reasons, such as cyberbullying. And it is for this reason that LinkedIn ensures its safety. But what if you need to know someone’s IP address right away? There might be a variety of causes for this.

Maybe you’ve been defrauded and are seeking their whereabouts, or maybe you just want to make sure the recruit you’ve invested in isn’t a hoax. These are the instances when we need to know how to find someone’s IP address on LinkedIn.

So, this blog is for you if you need to know someone’s IP address for whatever reason known to you, and we hope it is not something shady.

So, instead of wasting time, let’s go directly to the point.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on LinkedIn

People must maintain a tight check on their LinkedIn profiles at all times. They must continuously safeguard themselves from being attacked due to specific loopholes on their end, which might lead to them being further exploited. When you’re in the middle of a situation like this, you’ll feel inclined to look up the person’s IP address. 

And these IP tracking tools may be really useful in cases like these. These IP grabbing tools help to uncover any devices on your network that have registered IP addresses. These online tools employ links that seem like shortened URLs to retrieve other people’s IP addresses. 

All you have to do now is persuade the individual in question to click on the link. You’ll be able to view the person’s IP address once they’ve performed it. These tools help decrease the risk of hacker abuse and other types of scams.

1. Grabify IP Logger

Step 1: Use the Grabify web app link 

Step 2: Once you enter the link in the search bar, you will be directed to the official Grabify IP Logger home page with various options available for you on the screen. 

Step 3: You will find a horizontal box with Enter a valid URL or tracking code written inside it. Now here’s the deal: you need to come up with any topic of interest that you are certain will entice the individual in question. Paste the link into that field once you’ve located it.

Step 4: You will find a Create URL and Tracking Code option present right under it. Tap on the Create URL option.

Step 5: As soon as you click on that link, a confirmation popup displays on the home screen. Tap on the I Agree & Create URL. As soon as you enter, you will be whisked to another window with various other information.

In this window, you get access to your new link. Alternatively, you can also customize your link according to your choice since the tool keeps you some liberty for it. Also, please save your tracking code that is generated along with the link for further steps. 

Step 6: After the link is successfully generated, visit LinkedIn and go to the person in question’s profile or chatbox. You need to let the person click on that link in any case. And once they do it, Grabify will acquire their IP address and redirect him to the page of their interest. Once they click on the link, return to the Grabify home screen and refresh the page.

Step 7: You can enter the tracking code or use the access link you had already saved to take you directly to your logs. You will see the Results option, which has their Location as well.

2. Find LinkedIn IP Address via Command Prompt

It goes without saying that scanning for IP addresses gives you more control over your networks. If you have been looking for the ideal tools for tracking IP addresses on the Internet for LinkedIn, you’ve probably come across Command Prompt. 

People frequently use this tool to help them locate someone’s IP address on LinkedIn. The tool makes tracing an IP address to find the other internet user simple. However, if you are unaware of it, don’t fret; we are here to assist you.

Step 1: Before you can use this method, you’ll need to initiate a conversation with the person you want to track on LinkedIn. In order for the procedure to work correctly, you must also ensure that any background apps are closed.

Step 2: Press the combinations of the Windows key and R button on your keyboard. A box will appear on the screen, input cmd, and click Ok.

Step 3: The command screen will pop up, input the code netstat-an in the command panel and execute it.

Step 4: After the completion of the previous step, you will find the person’s IP address.

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